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Things have changed

This is Larry Rivelli writing, Ricki's husband.  Since she passed away in July of 2019, Tara and I have made some big changes.  We moved from Medford Oregon to an independent retirement facility )Country Meadows Village) in Woodburn, Oregon.  It is a pet friendly facility and Tara is right at home.  We sold our house in February of this year and are very much enjoying having someone else take care of all the essentials.  Tara is one of the darlings of the place and I have to sometimes avoid people because they all want to give her treats. LOL.  Tara will be 13 on December 7th and is still very active.  We take 3 or 4 walks a day when its not raining which we both enjoy.  I have found both a good vet and groomer close by so that is helpful too.  The vet also will board if I have any emergencies.  

I am not sure how to use all the things on this site but hopefully will start to learn. Oh, I did get my 2022 Doodle calendar yesterday and it is great.

Take care.

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