murph surgery (1)

Murphy is going to be fine

 Murphy, our 4 year old ALD just spent three days at the emergency vet. Sonagrams, Xrays, exploratory surgery, etc.  Long story short Murphy had two pieces of corn cob stuck in her. one in her stomach and one in the intestine just in behind the gall bladder.  All this showed on the diagnostics as what was thought to be foam or something backed up into her gall bladder.  Luckily when they opened her up the corn cob was easy to remove.  It had been in there nearly  month since last we had corn on the cob!  No signs of distress until the day we took her to emergency - projectile vomiting dinner, then small breakfast, then lots and lots of water.  She was one sick puppy!  Good news she is home resting and should be fine.  Also they think he rheumatoid arthritis has resolved itself ( another long story) and we are weaning her off leflunomide!!  Thank you for great ER vets!!  ( NOT CHEAP though - guess that should be expected).  Hoping for no more dog (or people) emergencies!!


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