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OOPS - that hurt!! Tigger vs rattlesnake

Tigger tells his tale:  Well I took one for Murphy Monday night. She and I  found  small rattlesnake in our yard Monday night.

I pushed right past Murphy to protect her and dang if that snake didn't bite my tongue as I was sniffing him, just a friendly sniff, you know.

Then as i turned around since he clearly was not friendly he bit my back paw!  Totally uncalled for as it is my yard and i was walking away.

Here it is Wednesday and it is still hard to eat but I am feeling somewhat better.  I will let Mom tell you the rest as the part between the bite 

and now sort of all blurs together.

Both Tigger and Murphy have had multiple rattlesnake aversion trainings, quite successfully. None in the last two years because of COVID though.

Tigger was immediatley rushed to the emergency vet and our vet called them for a heads up.  Antivenom needs to administered within the first

hour to be most effective.  Tigger's tongue was enourmously swollen and that was monitored for about 16 hours as antivenom, fluids, and pain meds

were administered.  We were lucky that the vet was close and jumped right on it in the waiting room. Tigger came home Tuesday about noon and 

today (Thursday) he is better but still eating and favoring his leg with the bite. He never missed a meal though even though it took him quite awhile

to get it all in.  That's our Tigger! As of today he is doing better, but still on pain med although only 2 a day now. Expect and hope for a full recovery 

even though he is 14!

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