Blogs that the mailman?


Ellie and Wheezy can hear the mail car a mile away......and they run and jump in their chairs and wait to see our mail has to be the highlight of their day and I'll never know why? Anyway.......I bought these mail man riders for them.......and I think they are hilarious......I tried them on and they won't stop trying to bite each others mail man....rotfl.....I'm such a dork!!   I'll try again another day.....hahahah




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  • You just have to share this with your mailman....I am sure he/she will appreciate the humor of it all.
  • This is soooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ha ha ha ha ha
  • ROTFL....we do tourture our doodles don't we?  hahaha.....I ordered them online....but I see Laurie said she saw some at Target..

  • Are they something you really purchased or did you make them up Hilarious!!! DH wants to know why we have to torture our doodles!LOL
  • Laurie...they crack me's just kinda hard with two dogs....they have to get dizzy going in circles trying to get each others!!!  LOL
  • Tessa, This is so cute. If I had a mailman on my back, I would want him off too....LOL!! I saw some of those riders at Target funny.
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