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I would like to praise a very useful invention: The medical petshirts!!!Benny had a castration on Thursday and I was fearing already the collar he had to wear afterwards. Both our cats got a castration too and they really hated the collar.Actually I do think a collar can cause even more fear and traumatize your pet.Therefore I am really happy that the doctor gave me choice between a collar and a medical pet shirt when I picked Benny up. Of course the petshirt costs a bit more than the collar but it is worth it.I put it on as soon as we arrived at home. It is made out of cotton and it looks like a baby jumper. The shirt comes in different sizes and Benny fits into a large one perfectly.The good thing is that is not that tight around the belly so that the air can circulate around the wound. The inside of the shirt has a soft layer which can take little amounts of blood or water coming from the wound.The only disadvantage is that you have to open it when you want to let your dog our at least if it is a boy lol.But I just roll it up so that Benny is wearing it like a short tshirt.He accepted the shirt from on the beginning. Of course he still licking the wound, but now he cannot reach it and is licking on the shirt instead.He still needs to wear it now for another week until the stitches come out but I think we won't have any problems.I can only recommend these shirts!Here is the website if you want to know more:
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  • that sounds great, Zoe! would you be willing to write a review on this product in our reviews section as well? I would love it if you did-- in fact you can just copy and paste everything you've written here into the review section.
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