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    I just read this today....
  • The article says it all!
  • I don't even know what to say.... It is good that people became aware of Dog Fight, but an award?!
    "Community Role Model"? Please. Might as well go get Ex-Crips and Ex-Blood members and make them community Role models.
  • At least he made the public aware of dogfighting; most people never thought about it before the Vick case. Sometimes it takes a celebrity to get people's attention.
    I hope everyone here also understands that what Michael Vick did is just a tiny drop in the bucket of the huge dogfighting problem in this country, and it hasn't gone away since Vick was convicted. It is going on within 10 miles of your home right now. I would rather see people put their energies toward stopping the poeple who are still engaged in these despicable acts rather than on continuing to keep Michael Vick in the spotlight.
  • Ugh - Michael Vick is such a tool. I'm very happy he's no longer in the ATL, but am DISGUSTED that he's up for any sort of award. He probably is a community role model amongst thugs who think that figting dogs to the death is a status symbol. Wouldn't it be nice if the fine folks at the DRC got an award for being a community role model(s) for HELPING humanity instead of a convicted felon who has done nothing but play football competently? (sorry for the rant - I have VERY strong feelings about this)
  • How gross. I've never been a Vick fan, but his actions just make it worse.
  • community... err typo
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