It's three weeks today since Ruby came to the ATL to get fostered and WOW has this girl adapted quickly! Not only is she ridiculously, absurdly gorgeous, she has the calmest, sweetest nature (possibly ever).


Callie has been doing a great job with teaching her foster sister how to be a proper doodle, and there's been some things that Ruby has learned on her own. Under Callie's tutelage, Ruby now likes to lounge on the sofa with her big noble head in my lap. She patiently allows me to brush her coat (she could use a trim, but I really want whoever adopts her to make her grooming decisions. She just looks so cute and doodlely!). Ruby and Callie both sleep in my bed at night, one on each side. They get along well, but they each like to be where I can pet them (I need a third arm to hold my kindle, so I can read!).  On her own Ruby has learned that treasures lay on kitchen counters and dining room tables, so it's best to be in the practice of putting anything dangerous in cabinets or drawers and anything yummy out of her reach or in the fridge. Ruby also loves drinking out of the toilet, and we're working on breaking that habit, although the looks she gives me when I'm peeing in said toilet clearly say "WTD are you doing to my water????" are simply HILARIOUS.


Ruby went into heat shortly after I got her. This is most likely the only heat cycle of her life where she's not been forcibly bred. Ruby is now in doggie diapers much of the time, and she's great with them. She just leaves them alone. She gets spayed next week so this will no longer be an issue, but for now I crack up all the time because Ruby looks like a big furry baby in her diapers!    (I promised her I wouldn't post pictures of her in the diapers) 


Ruby continues to be an AMAZING house dog. No accidents and she goes to the door when she wants to go out. She has yet to shed a hair. She does great having a regular schedule and has really blossomed into a confident, friendly girl. She still hasn't caught on to this whole "playing" thing that Callie's so fond of, but she doesn't take issue when a dog wants to play with her. She just wanders off! Ruby loves exploring our little dog park, and thinks nothing is better than rubbing herself against the fence to get a good scratch (she had a lot of sores from her previous life but they are healing nicely. She's still in the itchy scab phase though!). She's more of a people person than dog person, so she wanders around to everyone to get petted, give kisses, and show off her adorableness.


Whoever adopots Ruby is going to rewarded with so, so much doodle love! They will be lucky people indeed!



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  • She sounds great!!! Keep the updates coming.
  • Why can't I see her picture?  :(((
  • In Ruby and counter surfing news...she surfed some roasted brussels sprouts last night! I was cracking up!! I just started eating them a few months ago and can't believe she would eat them!!!
  • I gotta go look for an update on her pictures.  I am glad that my once-favorite name was given to a great doodle.
  • Thanks for the update!  You and Callie are angels!
  • Ruby is very pretty and is so lucky that she found her way to you and Callie until she can go to her forever home.  You are doing a Great job with her....
  • Yay!! Glad to hear she is doing so well!!  But I can't see the pic:(  I will check your page.

  • Ruby sounds like such a wonderful girl.  She's had a tough life, but now her future looks so promising.  Frannie and Callie, you're doing such a great job.  Thank you.
  • Ruby sounds like such a sweet adorable girl!
  • I love to hear the Ruby updates. You and Callie are working wonders with her. Thank you!
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