My 9th Birthday by Jackdoodle

Hi, my friends, JD here. My birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year! I turned 9 years old yesterday, so we had a double celebration at my house. My human brother and his friend spent the day here, and they played ball with me a lot !!! I have a bunch of new balls that my Aunt Jane sent me for my birthday, and we played with all of them! Even the Happy Birthday tennis balls that are only supposed to be for outside! I had a really good time!

My mom got me a new antler for my birthday. It's much bigger than my old one, and I really like it 'cause it's easy to hold! Here's a picture I let my mom take of me with my birthday antler!



Finnley's mom Sheila also wrote a really good poem for me in honor of my birthday! Isn't she talented?? My mom just loves it:


Yippee, yahoo, and hip, hip, hooray.
Our buddy B601DBJD1DBB60 has a birthday today !511

 He is NINE people years, but a puppy in his heart.B0C
JD adores his mom Karen, they are rarely apart.
 His long golden hair and his tongue hanging out,329

loving this big fur ball, is truly what it's all about !

Jackdoodle, party on like you're still 4.
 You deserve a wonderful day, cause you're a dog we all adore ! B0F

My Thanksgiving birthday was really special! This was also my first birthday since 2010 that I wasn't sick from my IBD, so it was an especially great one!

Thanks for reading!

Love from your friend,


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