Jackdoodle's been a little neglected lately. It's been raining a lot, so our walks are shorter, and many days we can't play ball in the yard. I've been spending a lot of time on the phone and computer, too; lots of rescue doodles in need of homes, and well, Jackdoodle has a home. So he doesn't get much attention some days. But he never acts out, or gets destructive. He just waits until I have a little time to play with him. He's such a good boy.

Sometimes when he does get attention, it's not so much fun. His paws are still pretty inflamed from his late summer ragweed reaction, and every other day I have to apply an antibiotic/steroid lotion to them. He really hates that. But he bears it. Jackdoodle bears what he has to. He's such a good boy.

Every week we go to the vet's office for his antigen shot. His tech comes to get him and he goes with her willingly. On the way, they pass the scale, and Jack steps on and sits down. He doesn't have to be weighed every week, but he thinks that's what he's supposed to do, so he does. Everybody laughs. His tech says that once they get in back, she tells him to sit & stay while she gets his shot ready, and he does. She says she “brags on him” to the other techs, because he's such a good boy.

Every week, we also go to the groomer's for a bath. Jack has to be there a long time, because when he's flaring, he has to air dry. He doesn't like it when I turn to leave, but they say he's always well-behaved after I do. The other day, the groomer wanted me to come back and see a dog who was there being groomed. He was adopted and the owners aren't sure what mix he is; she thought he might be a doodle.

As we walked into the grooming area, we passed an empty grooming table, and Jack jumped right up onto it and sat down! He thought that was what he was supposed to do, even though he doesn't like being groomed. Everyone laughed. The groomer said “I wish all the dogs were as easy and cooperative as Jackdoodle, he's such a good dog.”

Tonight, he's lying here chewing on a brand new marrow bone, and I'm thinking how lucky I am to have him. He just accepts whatever comes his way and tries his best to do what he thinks is expected of him. Really, he deserves so much more than I can give him. The least I can do is pay him a little tribute here from time to time and hope he knows how much I love him. And that he really is such a good boy.

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  • Jackdoodle is such a good boy! With such a good mommy!
  • Very, very nice! Jackdoodle sounds like a super good boy to me. I think what you give him every day is just enough for such a wonderful dog. Vern and Fudge just threw a doodle kiss his way.
  • Made me smile =)
  • JD and I are so grateful for all your nice comments. That's another thing he's done for me; because of him, I know all of you.
  • It is not every doodle that can say "Because of me the world is better". Yes it is, you have taught us not to let things get us down. You spurred your Mom into getting involved in Doodle Rescue and the results are many doodles have now have wonderful lives. You let your Mom share her experiences and wisdom with us. This makes everyone better people, wiser and hopefully more understanding.

    We all love you!!!
  • Don't underestimate how high value you are to him. Just being in your company - even if you are working on something else - is a great pleasure. I don't think you need to feel guilty for not actively engaging him. Obviously he is happy, and he KNOWS he is loved. That is incredibly sweet that he goes along without objections to his less then favorite events (grooming, shots, etc)... and there is no doubt he is a good boy. You definitely deserve some kind of medal though - because you look at Jack and you see the joy and love when MANY people would focus on the "work" and medical issues blaming him for something he cannot control. I'm sure you know, working with rescues, people throw in the towel over MUCH smaller issues. He is just as lucky to have you as you are to have him. Great pair. :)
  • Jackdoodle: You get a virtual belly rub from Duncan and me for being most cooperative, most easy going and most patient. There's nothing better than to have such a well-behaved and cool dood. And with all of the extra allergy treatments you endure you really are one amazing guy.
  • I'm so glad you are blessed with Jack and him with you. I'm sure he understands that other doods need your help, and just being with you is what makes him happy :). Glad to hear you're both doing so well!
  • Jackdoodle is your perfect match Karen! Love your tribute, he deserves it. He is like the "old soul" we sometimes see in certain dogs. They just accept and go with the flow, and are usually happy to do it. He knows he found the best home he could ever ask for with you, and is a Good Boy for all that you ask and more ;)
  • Oh what a sweet story about JackDoodle. You are a perfect mother for him. With his needs and allergies you always know just what to do. He knows his paws are sore and he can't go out and play or for a walk. That is why he is such a sweet good boy. He doesn't blame you. In fact, JackDoodle loves you with all his heart. He is so lucky to have you and you are lucky to have him. He is the perfect Doodle for you. A match made in heaven!!
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