I was sad because I thought the snow was all gone until next winter! But look what we saw when we woke up this morning!

Mommy was not awake enough to get any pix of me zooming. I was good boy and came to the door when she called me, but I didn't really want to:

One last look. 'Bye snow! Stick around, please, I'll be back!

(Jackdoodle's mom here. Can you believe this?)
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  • What cute photo's. Jack looks like he is a ton of fun!!
  • Good boy Jack!
  • These are precious photos!
  • Sure, rub it in! LOL! Today, most of it has melted, so we have slosh & mud. And the ice storm Saturday night has knocked half the buds off the flowering trees. My poor magnolia!
  • Come on down ! 85 degrees in Miami !
  • I was in chicago on vacation, and was there for the snow!! Then I called home to find I had a foot of the white stuff in my backyard too!!!! CRAZY!
  • We got lucky I think... We just have a very cold rain here in Ohio. They were calling for a chance of snow but I really hope it misses us. Though the pictures look very pretty.
  • Ahh, you too Karen. We are just north of you guys and we got socked too! Many of our branches are coming down because this was one heavy wet snow. Got to love this Midwest Living!
  • Woweeee Jack...what a lucky dog you are today. Even here in WW we got a light dusting ... what is going on?
    Enjoy the snow romping!
  • oh how I love the smell of hyacinths :)
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