3356634596?profile=originalOur beloved English Springer Spaniel, Gordie, passed away suddenly from bloat last summer.  I have been missing him more than ever lately and have taken to haunting websites and looking longingly at every 'Springer looking' doodle I see, either in real life or on-line.  I began showing my husband these pictures - just once in a while, I swear  :-}   He reminded me that we agreed that we would keep our dog pack to two. - kept reminding me - kept reminding me - kept reminding me. . . . 

Helping doodles in need is one of our retirement passions, so Skip and I volunteer with the Doodle Rescue Collective, a nation-wide doodle rescue organization. I greet new members on the DRC website with information about adopting a doodle. I call shelters and visit possible dogs for the rescue; we pull them from those shelters, and transport them to foster homes.  We have visited prospective foster homes, prospective adopter's homes, called vets, and occasionally fostered. 

After wearing out my picture-sharing welcome with Skip, I took my parti-obsession to those who would really understand -- my fellow doodle-obsessed buddies, especially my fellow volunteers,  Early last week I shared  with more fervor than ever!

When I got a call from the  DRC asking if we could check out a doodle needing re-homing in Southern California,  I said sure. They sent pictures.  FATE HAD INTERVENED!  The DRC directors must have been giggling when they sent this to me.  This was kismet!  This was too good to be true.  My parti boy!3356634881?profile=original

 I called the family who wanted the DRC to re-home their doodle. He just wasn't fitting into their current family configuration.  They wanted Charlie to go to a new home where he could get more attention and training than they were able to do.  I could hardly contain my excitement!  I decided we would foster this pup; how could I not!  I think I heard more giggling in the distance.  We scheduled a pick up as quickly as we could!  I didn't want anyone to change their minds.

Skip and I packed up Ned and Clancy and drove to Charlie's home. The humans and dogs met in the front yard.


It was a successful meet-up and we drove Charlie to meet our groomer who offered him a full groom.3356635135?profile=original

It was love at first sight for me! Charlie was just perfect - perfect size, perfect age, perfect temperament, PERFECT coloring.  I know Gordie was looking back across the Rainbow Bridge with approval.

Like most dogs in rescue, Charlie had some parasites, wasn't up to date on his shots, had a couple 'accidents' in the house. He needed some training in our house rules and leash walking.   Simply perfect!

Charlie was meant to be ours.  My rescue gurus knew it as soon as they saw the application.  His previous owners knew it as soon as Charlie met us.  Ned and Clancy knew it as soon as they shared a car ride back to Riverside. My close doodle buddies knew it as soon as I posted about him.  My kids knew it because I couldn't stop gushing about this cutie-pie. My husband knew it - he just tortured me for a day or two before admitting he was head over heels in love with him too. 

Ned, who rarely plays, plays chase with Charlie - around and around the dining table, and tug-of-war with him too! Charlie shares his secrets with Ned.


Clancy has taken this little brother under his wing and taught him how to be a great lizard hunter!  Here they are by their favorite lizard finding wall.3356635204?profile=originalSo I would like to announce that my new 'name' is Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie!

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  • Thanks, Lisa. He is a special boy.

  • I was way behind on this one Nancy, I am over the moon thrilled for you and yours. He is so beautiful and clearly meant to be.

    Congratulations to all!

  • Thanks, BG.

  • I love a good story with a happy ending! Charlie is a doll and this was clearly meant to be! ♡

  • Thank you. He really was meant to be ours. It just took 3 1/2 years to find each other.
  • Congratulations, it was really meant to be! I love how he fits right in!
  • Oh this is so very wonderful.  Congrats, Nancy.  Like you said, it was meant to be.  He is a real cuties, and I love it that Ned and Clancy have a new friend.

  • When I originally saw the photo above of little Charlie on Facebook - my first thought was how any anyone not what little boy (and already had two owners??), then my second thought was - I think that boy just found his forever home!  I am so happy for you and Skip and the doodles.  Looking forward to meeting you all this week.  Safe travels.  

  • Awe, Nancy this is just the sweetest and most heart warming story ever.  Charlie is now in the best home ever and all three look very happy together!  Congratulations on your new family member!  You are the best!

  • Too much cuteness. I can see why you had no choice but to keep Charlie
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