Dear People,
Clancy and I met Kona and Buddy for a day of shopping and lunch in the little central California tourist town of Solvang. Here is an album of our day taken by our moms, Gina and Nancy. Everyone was so friendly. We had a nice time because we got cookies and water at the stores. And the tourists kept taking our pictures because we are sooooo beautiful and cute and smiley. Buddy and I got to go into a big Christmas store 'cause we know how to behave (especially Buddy) but Kona and Clancy had to stay outside with my dad, Skip. Of course, they got to meet a few more of those tourists. I wonder if they got more cookies?
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  • Oh, okay I will be honest too. The only reason I got to go into the store was because my mom wanted my dad to see something in the store - she wanted to buy a Christmas stocking for the new granddaughter who isn't even born yet! And she thought that if I was really quiet that I could go in for a couple of minutes. I was really on my best behavior so I kind of bragged that I stayed in as long as Buddy. He was really, really good even if he did whine to go with his mom.
    PS Even though Clancy would never never get invited to go inside, I am sure Kona would be good as gold in stores too.
  • Thanks so much Ned for a great time in California! I would like to set the record straight though. I was the good girl, and Buddy was the sassy boy..... Because he put up so much of a fuss when Mom went into the store without him, the nice lady said he could go in with Mom as long as he behaved. He is such a suckup :P Clancy and I were little angels and sat so nice with Clancy's Daddy, we deserved all the treats :) Can't wait to do it again, Kona
  • All you guys look great together. Those pictures are real good & such fun.
  • Ha, as I thought, the picture I saw earlier was Ned with Kona and Buddy. Reassure Ned that too many cookies create tummy aches.
  • Such fun on the west coast!!!! You guys all look so great hanging out together! I'm sure lots of people stopped to say hello!
  • Murph and I love your story, Ned....we especially like all those great pictures. You are so lucky that you got to meet Kona and Buddy. I was laughing when I saw that just you and Buddy got to go into the Christmas store and Clancy and Kona had to stay outside. That's how it works here too....Murph usually can't go into places like that cause he's naughty. It sounds like you Doods got to have lots of cookies....lucky!
  • Looks like a really great day. I wish I wasn't that far away in Europe and would have the chance to meet more DKers in person.
  • Great pictures - your mom is a good photographer, Ned. Thanks for sharing. Roo and Tigger would have liked the cookie part, but I feel faint at the thought of either of them in a Christmas store!
  • Looks like a good time was had by all. 4 great doods out on the town.Were Kona and Clancy sad, or was that their plan, to misbehave, get the extra attention, and the cookies?
  • Oh, sorry Ned. I just re-read your note and it was Buddy who was the good Doodle. But still, I thought Kona was well behaved too but I guess not. Kona is always so quiet and shy. I saw a picture of your Daddy too!!! If I were there he would have had a tennis ball in his hand...ha ha ha!
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