New f1 goldendoodle owner. Meet teddy.

New f1 goldendoodle owner. Meet teddy.

3757271245?profile=RESIZE_710x3757273031?profile=RESIZE_710x3757273401?profile=RESIZE_710xHello! I just picked up my f1 goldendoodle 3 days ago, his name is teddy and he is perfect. We love him so much already. I know this is asked alot, but we are really curious what coat he will have. (Hoping for a shaggy coat and the doodle beard/furnishings) ive been researching like a crazy person about doodles so i knew what i was getting myself into. Heres some pics of my cutie. Would love anyone's opinions & comparisons. Thanks :) 

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  • My Buster is a F1 Standard Goldendoodle. He had a smooth flat coat as a puppy. His coat changed like 4 times. Now he is a big fluffy shaggy ball of fur. He is also 96lbs. 😁
  • Congrats!! I'm getting mine next week :). What size crate did you get?
  • Congratulations! Teddy looks like a total sweetie! Enjoy his puppy months, they go fast!
  • Thank you for your comments! We love this little guy! His face looks doodle-y to me. We were just kinda stumped bc his leg hairs arent too long yet, & his chest if definitely fluffy but kinda thin at the same time. He will be 8 weeks on sunday! :)
  • I'm guessing "scraggly" shaggy with furnishings. He is super cute. DH and I discussed if we ever get another goldendoodle we would like a red doodle :)
  • Congrats! I see some longer hairs poking toward his eyes, so I think he'll be furnished :-)
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