Part Two of Ann and Mike's  Central Coast visit

After lots of texting and phone calls we met Ann and Mike at -- where else? --

a great dog park in Morro Bay where Skip and Mike threw balls and frisbees for fetching.3356624683?profile=original


We were so excited to meet the famous Duke and Sheba and Sheba's very sweet mom, Pepper.



After the dog park, we showed Mike and Ann some of the Central Coast sights and Mike noticed great photo opportunities that we took advantage of.  Mike had made a light diffuser, courtesy of Richard Crow's instructions ( I tried to find the post so I could post the link here but I couldn't find it),  and he pays close attention to where the light is coming from.  Mike got some amazing pictures of the dogs, really catching the lights in their eyes.  I don't have his pictures to post but this is one I got with his help. Look at Clancy's eyes.  Awesome!  Mike also figured out what noise would make Ned's head tilt for a picture.  Hooray!   Thanks, Mike!3356625046?profile=originalMike and Ann saw the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas.  We visited Morro Rock and the sea otters, Montana de Oro, Port San Luis and the seals, Arroyo Grande's suspension bridge and much more.  We had the dogs on cliffs and by the bay, the dogs in streams and on the beaches, the dogs running on he suspension bridge and in an attractive alley. We all caused quite a stir when we walked around in Arroyo Grande and had lots of lookie-loos watching us take pictures of the dogs running across the suspension bridge. We had great fun trying to get all six dogs in one looking-at-us-shot.  Hmmmmm. . . . I hope Mike got one cuz most of mine looked like this:3356625255?profile=original

Ann and Mike beat us at Rummy Cube while all SIX dogs lounged inside our RV. And they said they had never played before.  Hmmmmm. . . .

Skip and I were thrilled to meet these two and their dogs.  Not only are they our rescue heroes (they have fostered over 20 dogs for various rescues), they are just the nicest people who have the nicest, best behaved dogs.  We feel that we made life-long friends.  When they left, they were on their way to meet another life-long friend made through doodlekisses, GBK in Las Vegas. 

Here is a link to more of our pictures.  I especially like the series of Sheba meeting the wave at Montana de Oro.

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  • Wonderful picture, Ann and Mike. You got BOTH Ned and Clancy to tilt their heads in the same picture! And you got all six dogs' attention.

  • We had a great trip got to see many sites we ended up driving over 7,300 miles. We saw many redwoods up in Northern CA and a few in Southern Oregon they are awesome! Never did see bigfoot though. We drove a lot of Hwy 1 which is along the beautiful CA coast.  It was great meeting Nancy and Skip and gang in person. They are wonderful people.  We were lucky and also got to see Gina (GBK) and Rick again in Las Vegas when we were heading back toward home.


  • Camilla, you are on my bucket list and I just don't see why you wouldn't cross your entire state with Darwin on a school day to meet up with us when we were in Southern Utah!  :-}  Actually I didn't realize Utah was such a big state. Thanks for the compliment on Clancy's picture.  Mike really advised me about where the light was coming from on that one.

  • Wow, what a great meetup! I love the photos, especially the shot you got of Clancy!

  • Ann and Mike are two of my rescue and photography icons. It was such a pleasure meeting their perfectly behaved dogs.

  • Awesome blog, Nancy!  How fun that you all got to meet....with the dogs.

  • Janie and Karen, the central coast is such a beautiful place. It is my home away from home and my escape from real life.

    Laurie, the bridge run was fun.  We had a bit of a time waiting for pedestrians to get across - dumb pedestrians wanting to walk across the bridge!

  • What fun and I enjoyed looking through all the pictures!! The dogs all looked so happy running across that bridge. Thanks for sharing.

  • It sounds like you had a wonderful visit, and what's not to love? Nice people, great dogs, beautiful scenery! I'm jealous! 

  • So glad that you all got to meet! What a beautiful area to explore!

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