I took Lilly to get groomed today and came back with only half of my dog!!!! I asked the groomer for a summer cut, you would think she would of left some hair on her face and head (she looks like a flat head) she keeps cards on how she cuts her each time I go...I want my doodle back!!! I know, I know, she will grow back but I just needed to vent a little.. On the other hand, Lilly loves it she was sooo hot before.

Here is a before:

and now todays:

I'm so sad.;(

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  • Gunner had that cut after all the snow, don't worry it grows back FAST. Gary was sad when I brought him home, but we got used to it. He is back to normal now
  • She looks so much like our Finley when he is cut short. I like to take some water and spritz the top of his head to make it curl a little more until it grows in a bit. You can also do the same to her body to get some curl back. However, she is very very cute!
  • I think Lilly looks great! Callie is getting pretty much that same hair cut as we speak. I feel for you - we did this last summer too and you kinda hate it for a few days and then it grows on you. Burrs come out much easier, less of outside comes inside, and brushing is a breeze!
  • I think Lilly looks pretty good with her new summer cut. She still looks like a doodle. You should see some of the bad cuts Molly got before I bought my own clippers!!!!
  • She looks like she feels more comfortable. Your groomer did a good job of transitioning the top of her head into her ears. Too many groomers do the bichon poof on our doods for their summer cuts.
  • She looks great! Her head and face are a little short, but it seems like those areas grow back more quickly anyway. Or at least they get the doodley look back more quickly than other areas. In a couple of weeks, I think her head will look just perfect, and you'll both be enjoying her summer cut and reduced grooming time.
  • She looks so pretty. Astro sends kisses.
  • I think it's a great haircut. The face and body are in proportion and quite stunning. Great looking dog and you can tell that his coat is extra soft. I want to pet her right now! With the short cut, she looks surprisingly like my Penny when she's at her summer length.
  • I think she looks great! I love the top of her head. I wish I could get Charli's like that - she just gets shorter curls.
    I also like the 'beard' look and it will grow back fast. Just think of all the water you won't have to be drying after a good, long drink! At least for a little while - WOL!!
  • Lilly looks so cool and happy. I know the head and face are what we want to keep "Doodlish" and it is always such a shock when we first see them. This happened to Gracie Doodle and I was in tears. Amazingly enough, the face and head grows back much faster than the body. I find that when I groom Gracie (I do it myself now), I always have to do quite a few face touch ups in between the grooming. Within about two weeks Lilly will start looking more like her "before" picture. Otherwise, the rest of the haircut is fine. This is a typical Gracie Doodle summer cut!!! And the tail looks like Gracie's too! Just keep remembering how happy these haircuts make our Doodles!!!! Lilly has amazing hair!!
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