One month and loving it!

Kai has been with us for one month now. Things have changed around here! First there is the pool for his swimming pleasure. He is after all a California Doodle!

Where it was once Keith & Kathy at Starbuck's and walking on the Strand, Kai is now a regular in what people nicely call his Doggie Sling, really a front pack that keeps him away from other possibly non vaccinated dogs.He has the potty bells down. :-)He knows "Sit" "Down" and "Crawl" and he is working on shake.He went to his first party on 4th of July. Went ok except for that embarrassing incident on the chair. (Oops!)He is a world class traveler in the car and loves going for a ride.In general we must admit he is the cutest, smartest puppy ever! Ok so we are a little bias!. We are completely wrapped around his paws and it seems to extend to everyone who meets him. The little girl next door comes over just to play with him because as she says "He is just precious!"We have a trip to Aruba planned in late August and we are already dreading the time away from him. Have to keep telling ourselves it is a week away from the two legged kids too! :-)We love coming home and seeing how excited he is when he comes out of his crate or in Keith's case how he runs up to him so happy to see him after a day at work. There just isn't anything like it.Just have to ask ourselves, "Why did we wait so long??"Have a wonderful day!
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  • Kai is so adorable in his pool! A California boy for sure. :)
  • Awwwe...I love him too with that story =) I'm so happy you're happy ... he sounds like a marvelous little guy =)
  • Awww-he is so cute!! He has grown too in this last month. These dogs make coming home a pleasure don't they??
  • Very cute puppy I too love seeing Wilson when we come home can't get enough of him! His face always makes me smile and my neighbors smile too
  • Very cute puppy=) So happy you are enjoying every minute!! I love seeing how happy they get when I come home ALWAYS put's a smile on your face.
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