Our puppy will be coming home in 3 weeks!

Our puppy will be coming home in 3 weeks!

Nilla (like Nilla wafer) will be joining our family in just 3 weeks at 11weeks old!!!  We are so excited!  She has a Goldendoodle dad and a GR mom.  Wondering what she will look like?  Thoughts?

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  • Thanks Adina! She sort of fell into our laps and we asked the breeder for an extra couple of weeks as we had to get ready for the unexpected situation. For a very small fee she agreed!
  • She's going to be cute and doodley. But that's all we can tell I think. Congrats and I LOVE that she's going to be 11 weeks when she comes home. How did you get the breeder to keep her longer? Or is that the norm for that breeder?
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