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  • Peri pooped 10 TIMES yesterday - wow. And we live in a condo and have to pick up with doggie bags - lovely! When will it end???
  • Mine did too as a puppy, then we were told to feed her just 3 times a day as a puppy instead of free-feeding and then take her outside to do her business. It worked perfectly, she goes after she eats instead of all day long. Hope this helps.
  • I too am possessed with yard poop cleaning and am relieved when I see the girls are ready to go. They eat well morning and night and are very HEALTHY, as their residuals show.
  • I've got something wrong with me. I'm obsessed with poop. I'm always out in the yard trying to find it - looking at it - trying to find out whose it is - consistency - does it look like soft serve ice cream or tootsie rolls. When did they do it? I'm somewhat crazy. Poop is good - you never want to find no poop.
  • ROFL, only on DK!
  • Samantha used to be on a 2x's a day schedule, 10a and 4p religiously but for the past week she seems only going only once every 24 hours. I am not happy about the change in her schedule but what the poop can you do?
  • You are so right-it is worrisome when they do not go. Sometimes I even go into the yard to see if I missed it or something.
  • Only here could we be writing, laughing, and comparing doodle poops! LOL Penny started out as a major pooper but once she became an adult, she slowed down to about 2x a day. She is so on schedule (down to the hour) that when she doesn't go, I get worried! :-)
  • Wow I wonder if its what they are eating that makes them go so much or the age, Hannah goes 1x a day, and Honey will usually go 2xs a day. Honey went more about 3 to 4 months ago but seems to be slowing down since her diet is now stable and she is eating a quality food, They eat Fromm dog food and both are happy and healthy. They love grain free Surf and Turf, Pork and Applesauce, Duck and Sweet Potato, Whitefish and Potato, and Salmon with Veggies, also Chicken with Veggies, just the best around. They also enjoy yogurt either over their food, or as a treat, at first it may give them the poops...but so far we have been lucky.
  • Yes, they do poop a lot..clean up yard three times a day every day.
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