Puppy Apron!

I think that I need to get myself one of those Gardening Aprons to use as a Puppy Apron.  That or maybe I've come up with a new Gimmick that I could sell to all the new Doodle Moms that are spending $3000 in the first few months of getting their puppies!  It's gotta have lots of pockets of different sizes, be made with some nice fabrics with Doodles on it and come in either Pink or Blue!  I'm a little out of practice with this puppy business.  Plus, I've never had a puppy  a grumpy 5 year old doodle and a 10 month old puppy doodle.  All I have any experience with is two liter mate puppies. There are things I need that I just never have with me.  Things like Bitter Apple (why is it always in the other room) or my camera (how come it is never close when I really need it) or paper towels and Natures Miracle or a wet wipe.  When I need them, I need them now.  Not after I walk from room to room looking for where I left them last.  My house really isn't all that big, but I seriously need some of each of these things in every room ... or a Puppy Apron!  Now, I have my Therapy Dog Apron that my Mom made me that I wore when Sophie and I were working in the hospitals and I've seriously considered getting it out.  I'm picturing something similar without the top part of the apron.3356596309?profile=originalNow I'm sure you are thinking I've lost my last brain, but unlike many I'm home all day.  I'll just get up, fill up my Apron with all the things I need and off I go for the day, lol!  What got me thinking about this was I missed capturing the opportunity of a puppy life time last night.  If I would of had my apron on, I would not have missed it!  I took AnnaBelle out for her bedtime potty last night and for the first time it was raining.  I grabbed an umbrella as we headed out the door.  When I sat her down on the ground and she started feeling the rain drops she started just hopping all around, all four paws off the ground, trying to look around to her back and then up in the air to try and figure out what was happening.  Then all of a sudden she saw the umbrella and it was like holy crap, what the heck is that!  But did I have my camera ... no!  I'll never be able to get that moment back! 

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  • Adorable apron and functional too!  I know how you feel about those lost camera moments :)

  • I wish I could have seen Annabelle - too funny. The apron idea is a good one actually and yours is very cute.

  • Not only is it cute but it's a good idea.  There are gardening aprons, carpenter's aprons, why not puppy aprons.  Puppy aprons would also be good for moms of small humans as they need to carry lots of stuff around too!

  • Sheri, Very cute blog. I think you should wear the apron everywhere you go until AnnaBelle is one year old :) How nice of your mom to make that apron for you.

  • That's--well--quite the apron!  :)  I can see the advantages, believe me!

    Such a cute story about the rain!  Reminds me of the first time Trav saw snow.  He was starting out the door for his morning potty and just stopped dead in his tracks.  The whole landscape was different, and white.  He was ever so cautious about stepping on the back of that strange white beast.  lol

  • Oh, what a hilarious puppy moment! LOL! Love the apron idea, I could have used one when Tara was a pup.

  • A puppy apron sounds like a great idea! It's too bad you didn't get a photo, but your description of AnnaBelle meeting the raindrops was very cute, anyway! 

  • Thanks everyone.  It seriously was probably one of the cutest things I've seen when having a puppy!  It was just like pure innocence in discovering rain for the 1st time.

  •  AnnaBelle meets the Raindrops! That is seriously cute.  Maybe she'll give you a repeat performance and this time you'll have on your puppy apron --which is also very cute.  What a great idea!  

  • I agree with the tool belt!  I had a "fence-fixin tool belt" that I would strap on to walk the electric fence when it was not working.  It was stocked with all the essentials for fixing a fence. 

    Along with the cool doodle tool belt, how about some kind of strap that lets you mount the camera to the head, arm, leg, or waist to capture those one of a kind moments?

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