Raising another litter....of 11!!

Yes, I did say 11! Momma had an easy time and all went well--signs of labor started on May 1st, but she was due on May 6th and we managed to keep them all in there until the 5th--all were large, vigorous and active pups! 6 girls, 5 boys...8 blacks, two chocolates and one apricot!

Momma Gliss was very tired by the end of the four hours of whelping, but after a nap she was up and trotting around the yard--she is an athletic active girl who has been a terrific momma! She has finally found a job that is up to her level of energy! All 11 pups are always spotless and well fed. She stays by them all day and dotes on them....and eats like a horse--12 cups of food a day!

Lots of pictures coming--and yes, they are all sold! I co-own Gliss (this means that I raise the litters and share in the sales) and she lives in a wonderful guardian home. They live close by and plan to visit quite a bit--they are so excited to meet her babies!

At two weeks old, they are already filling up the whelping box--I am going to put a pen in the room instead of the box with baby bumpers all around to give them some room! Here they are at a few days old.



and group shots and a few portraits at two weeks old. Eyes are open now and they are starting to wrestle!






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  • So precious Ginny!

  • Beautiful!  Enjoy!

  • Such gorgeous pups! I'm amazed at how much the Mom can eat!

  • Oh so cute - all 11 of them!

  • Thank you so much for sharing these puppies with us! It's so much fun to see what you are up to and to see those little darlings. 

  • Congrats to Gliss.  What beauties.  I will eagerly follow your puppy blogs.

  • Yes, they are standard size and dad is an F2 black male with a gorgeous loose curled coat--the pups are as soft as silk so I think his coat dominated--momma has a glossy coat that is wavy, but coarse and she is a shedder (F1).

    Three are curlier with more of a poodle look about the head. If you want to PM me, Deann, I can send you to the website to see the parents--all are sold, but we will have more litters with Gliss in a year...

  • Beautiful puppies. Enjoy!
  • Oh my!  Beautiful babies.  Who is daddy?  Are they standard size?

  • Congratulations!! What a cute bunch of puppies.

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