Jackdoodle and I attended the Paw Pad romp in the forest preserves this morning; we had a wonderful time. Jack is the only honorary Paw Pad labradoodle in existence. (I have no photos, as I forgot my camera. I had all I could do to remember Jack and all his assorted paraphernalia, including but not limited to many bottles of water, many tennis balls, his boots, poop bags, etc.)

It was great to see Leslie & Halas again, and Penny with Comiskey and of course little Beemer! Beemer looks wonderful, and to see him running around the park, you would never know he ever had surgery!

Penny had the most thoughtful surprise for Jack and me; a handmade, personalized photo album, which I must show off:

Is there no end to this woman's talents? She made one for Leslie & Halas, too. Of course, what with two young active doodles, one of whom just had hip replacement surgery in both hips, I'm sure she has a lot of time on her hands. Penny, thank you so much!

Speaking of Halas, a word about his name. (See, I told you this was random ramblings.) I know for a fact that many people are unfamiliar with the name "Halas" (rhymes with Dallas) and often think that he is of Middle Eastern descent, and/or a girl. So I have decided to take this opportunity to explain. George S. Halas was the legendary founder, coach, and owner of the Chicago Bears football franchise, and he is a hero here in Chi-town. I hope this clears that up for those of you who were wondering.

We've been getting a lot of rain here this past week, and it was very muddy at the park, especially around the swimming area. Realllly muddy. I wish I'd had my camera, because I would have been all set for the next "Dirty Doodles" slideshow. Halas didn't want to swim very much (smart doodle!), but surprisingly, Jackdoodle was very enthusiastic about playing fetch in the water. He ended up covered in mud and really reeking. Several times, his ball went out far enough that he would have had to actually swim to get it, but a very nice strange dog retrieved it for him each time, brought it up on the bank, and went back into the water. Very cute!

After we left the swimming area, I put Jack's boots on, and we played ball. When it was time to leave, I forgot to take his boots off and he just rode home in them. He was wiped out and slept the whole way. We got into the house, I removed his boots, and low and behold, there were the wettest, muddiest paws in doodledom. Walking across my family room carpet and hopping right up onto the sofa.

In his last life, Jackdoodle must have been a devoted follower of Gandhi. What occurred when I attempted to get him into the mudroom (and I assure you, no space was ever more aptly named) to clean his feet was the most impressive display of passive resistance I have ever seen. No amount of pushing, shoving, pulling, cajoling, begging, crying, or cursing moved him. In the end, the cavalry (my DD & GS) forced him as far as the kitchen floor, where he proceeded to lie down with all four paws tucked underneath him.

Several hours and 2 cups of Haagen Dazs later, we are once again on speaking terms.

It was all worth it. We had a wonderful time, and my carpet & upholstery needed cleaning anyway. Hopefully, one of the real Paw Pad alumni's parents will post photos.

And how was your day?

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  • Halas had a great time at the romp, and he was completely wiped out the rest of the weekend. We left Chicago Sunday, and went to Champaign to pick up a friend who then stayed with me for a couple of days. So Halas still hasn't had much rest. He is one tired doodle! Penny, thanks so much for the photo book. I can't wait to start looking through all of my Halas photos to decide which ones to put in the book. I haven't had a chance to look at my romp pictures yet, but I don't think I got many good ones. The pics you have are probably better than mine. Although I think I did get a few of Halas and his muddy face after he rolled around in the mud after swimming. Halas loves visiting Chicago, because I don't have to explain his name as often up there. It would be great to have another romp up there later this summer.
  • That sounds like such a fun day!!! I love your new photo album - how nice of Penny!!!
  • Sounds like you had a wonderful day with great friends. Jacks photo album looks awsome, what a nice surprise. I bet both of you slept in this morning. Next time take your camera along ;)

  • Just a few photos....everyone had a great time....but unfortunately...my photos were the back of almost every doodles head....Leslie...we are counting on you.

    This was Beemers first outing. We conditioned him by taking 3-10 minutes walks everyday for a month and it really paid off...he had a wonderful time. He spent the first 30 minutes greating everyone that came....he just couldn't get enough of all the people and the dogs....Comiskey...not so much...really likes just hanging out with Daddy.....They had so much fun in the mud and the water.....we are not sure who got more muddy....the dogs or us....so after a couple of hours...it was time to leave....into the vehicle....off to get ice cream and the drive home....After we got home Beemer and Comiskey got nice warm baths....a big bowl of kibble and very long naps.....it was great to see everyone (especially our Jackdoodle...cutie pie)....some old, some new...and a special thanks to Christine (The Paw Pad) for organizing this every year....your pups are wonderful....
  • Sounds like fun was had by all at the romp.
  • I am presently in the middle of three 12hr night shifts so not much quality time with the doodle this weekend. Did get up early today for a game of fetch in the back yard. It was nice and sunny and our spring has been so crappy that we don't like to miss any of the sunshine. It's now 3am and I am a little sorry I didn't get more sleep. Glad you and JD had such a good day. I just smile picturing you trying to move him and getting no help from him at all. I swear that when these doodles don't want to move they can double their weight somehow. Hopefully someone will post some pics of your romp. Love the photo album. I'm going to have time to do these things one of these day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  • What a great day for you all. I love the personalized album.
    We went to a romp today also and Clancy received a great bag of surprises from a friend who wanted to welcome him into the doodle family. We love surprises around here.
  • Jackdoodle has good taste when it comes to ice cream! Glad you are back on speaking terms...it is hard to stay mad at them.
  • I know Jackdoodle only gets the best, our guys have to eat what ever vanilla ice cream is on sale (but no store brand for them). We lave hearing about JD and his adventures. He must have a wonderful Mom to put up with his antics and devoting so much of herself to his well being.

    We cann't wait for some pictures of the romp.
  • Going to the store to buy Haagen Dazs right now. Even seeing it typed makes me crave it. :-) The romp sound like it was a ton of fun, and I love hearing about Jack. He looks so cute in his booties, by the way.
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