We have lived "up the hill" for 9 years now.  My dogs have gone to rattlesnake training every year we have live here, except the last two when the training was not given.

Tigger always avoided the rattlesnakes after training #2 - until last night.  Only my husband was home and he was outside with them when he noticed Murphy(4yrs) crouching and looking intently at something.  It was a baby rattlesnake and she was keeping her distance.  Tigger (14 yrs), however, had already been bitten on his tongue and back paw! Pat calls our vet who calls the nearest emergency vet and off goe Pat and Tigger about 5 miles to the emergency vet, who is expecting Tigger thanks to our vet and ready to get into motion. 

There is only about a 1 hour window for optimal use of antivenom.  Eighteen hours later and Tigger is out of the woods and can come home. He had pain meds, antivenum, and fluids, and constant airway checking as tongue, throat and airway very swollen from tongue bite.  Expensive, but so grateful to have Tigger home and walking around.

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  • Maryann, I am so sorry. I’m glad you were able to get Tigger there fast enough and that the snake was only a baby.
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