On Friday, Michele of the DRC sent my DH and I to check out a doodle at the San Bernardino City Animal Control Shelter.  It was to be the dog's last day but the DRC had gotten a hold put on him (Yay!).  He was supposed to be a large white male doodle, but when Michele spoke with a worker there, she was told that the dog was small.   Michele was trying to find a foster home or get the poodle rescue to take him, but there was a problem with this if he was a small guy.  When we got there, the shelter worker was pretty abrupt because she was locking up,  but  she let us go to the kennel we thought he was in to check his size out. NO doodle  :-(   Even though we had the dog's ID number, she said we would have to wait until Saturday because it would cause someone to work overtime and they just could not do that.

My 88-year-old mom had to put her beloved dog down on Tuesday and could not stand having no one to keep her company so she agreed to go with us on Saturday.  We got there when they opened and, thank goodness, the dog  had not been put down as we all feared, but had been moved.  When we got to the kennel, he stood back a moment, then greeted us and let us pet him through the fence.  Then he went to the back of the kennel and lay down to watch us. He was calm but not afraid.  He was just darling, but too small for the rescue organizations to take. 

A kennel worker brought him out for us to check out closer.  It was love at first sight for my mom and Sunny (yep, she had a name ready, just in case!) He is a mess - kennel cough, a stinky coat, matted to the skin,  dewclaws so long they are digging into his legs and evidence of a previous broken bone in his front leg.  Animal Control strongly suggested that we wait until Monday to pick him up so that their contracted vet could check him out, neuter him (if he is well enough) and the groomer could bath him and shave him down. So tomorrow is our big day or Sunny's big day - however you want to look at it. We are soooooo excited. My mom is so proud of herself for rescuing a dog and I am proud of her for attempting to do so.  With our help, I hope she is up for the task and that Sunny is the perfect companion for her. Thank you DRC

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  • I am sure he isn't part Westie as that is what my mom had.  Tail and ears are totally different.  I am thinking Bichon and poodle.  He is really soft and very white.  I can't wait to watch his coat grow and fluff out and for him to put on a bit of weight.
  • Aww . . .givin' me goosebumps!  Sunny will bring joy to your Mom and your Mom has given Sunny soooooo much!His haircut is beautiful . . . .be sure to post more pictures after he puts on a few pounds.  =)
  • Sunny looks like a happy dog with his new doo. 

  • Nancy, He is one cute dog and looks so much better. I hope he feels better soon! How is your mom doing with him?
  • Sunny is very cute! Glad you were able to save this dog and make your mom happy!!
  • Yay! Sunny gets saved! I definitely see terrier mixed in. Maybe schnauzer or westie. But in any case this doodle mix is so sweet. Those eyes! He's gonna be the perfect companion for your mom. Best of luck and speedy recovery from the kc.
  • He is totally adorable Nancy!  In that first groomed picture he looks a lot like Kona bug when she is shaved short.   I would say the biggest difference are the smaller ears :)  Is he really soft?  I wonder if he isn't a bichon poo, that was my first thought when I saw him.  Whatever he is, he is totally the cutest dood!!!!  Your right, the groomer did a great job.
  • What a difference!  Here's hoping for a speedy recovery from whatever he has.
  • He's adorable. I hope he just has bordatella and nothing complicated.
  • He's so cute! The groomer did a great job.
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