Retiring from the puppy raising business

Hi all--those of you who have been friends since the beginning o Doodle Kisses may remember that I have been raising pups for a reputable breeder since 2011--I started just 6 months after retiring from teaching high school Biology for 34 years with my labradoodle Lyric's litters and then expanding to other females, including Lyric's daughter's three litters--It has been a lot of fun and I have loved the pups and enjoyed keeping in touch with all the new owners....after raising 16 litters, there are a lot of them!

But I have decided to retire and in one week my last litter--Lyric's grandchildren, will take their leave--it is a bittersweet moment because this second career has given me so much love and joy--but it is time to get away from home a bit on trips (three planned between now and August!) and enjoy my almost one-year-old grandson, Sullivan. He is now walking and it makes me realize just how fast time flies with grandkids! My other two children are talking about engagements and weddings so it will be a busy few years for sure!

Happily, this last litter has been wonderful--gorgeous pups with lovely temperaments--and the families have been great too--so, the send off next week will bring tears, but also relief that i have the freedom to go where I want to when I want to...and then there is the joint relief--in the 7 years I have been doing this, I have needed three cortisone shots to keep my arms working!! Also, my dogs will be happy that they no longer have to share their house with a momma who fiercely guards her pups--they have learned to live with gates and a lack of access to me, so it will be nice to let them have free roam of the house again.

Here is the gang--






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  • Oh my gosh - those are some of the cutest puppies I've ever seen! 

    On your post, I can certainly understand retiring from puppy-raising.  That is the hardest part of breeding dogs!  Puppies are a lot of work, so congratulations on the great job you have done.

    You will love having the freedom to travel and especially to enjoy grandkids.  Not saying they are any easier than puppies, but they are very special.  Enjoy!

  • Congratulations  on your second retirement. Enjoy your grandchild and the trips. I will miss seeing the gorgeous pups, like those above.

  • Best wishes!

  • I’m going to miss the puppy updates and puppies in hats photos you have posted in the past. 

  • Thanks everyone!! It has been one week now and aside from digging out from not one, but two nor'easters, I am enjoying the free time! And no, I am not keeping one--I have three already!! Rio at 7 years old, is very attached to me and has had very little time with me without puppies around since he was from the first litter I raised....time to let him enjoy the freedom of following me around the house all day. He is sleeping on my feet right now!

  • I have always enjoyed reading your posts and seeing all of your adorable puppy pictures - and the above pictures are so precious!  Best wishes as you retire from this and go onto new adventures.

  • Enjoy!  Full retirement is great!

  • I will miss seeing your puppies, but I understand wanting to "wind down" at this point.  Enjoy your retirement!

  • It's been fun watching your "babies" over the years Ginny.   Thanks for sharing all the adorable pics of them.   I'm sure you'll enjoy this new found freedom to the Max!!!

  • You've done an amazing jobs and this last litter of pups are testament to that. I've enjoyed hearing your first hand experience and perspective over the years so thank you for that. Enjoy your well deserved retirement.

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