It is so hard to believe that Rua will turn 1 tomorrow!  She is the absolute love of my life (of course, my DH is, but in a different all know what I mean) and it just seems like we brought her home.  The last 10 months have flown by so quickly. 


The progression from:

  • Crates and ex-pens to roaming the house and sleeping on the bed. 
  • Trips outside every hour to "potty", Poochie bells (upstairs and downstairs) on the doors, purchasing a gallon of Nature's Miracle and a Bissell Pet Spot Bot to not having to "watch" her like a hawk and knowing she'll let us know when it's potty time.
  • Creating a "poo" rating system and having to know where it was on a scale of 1 to 5 to poo's like clockwork...6AM and 6PM.
  • Worrying about everything...sniffles, a sneeze, a red mark near her pee-pee, poo that was a 3 or lower to removing ticks (pulled it off her bare-handed) and cutting her nails without fear.
  • Tiny little pink dresses...well to larger pink dresses and robes:











Rua's aunties from California came out on last Friday for a visit and to celebrate her 1st birthday...we decided to have a little party for her on Saturday, July 23rd.  I really struggled with what to do for a party for her for many months.  I didn't want to go somewhere for it and we don't have a fenced in yard and I didn't want a bunch of dogs I didn't know in my house.  Finally I realized we didn't really know any other people's dogs, so it was just our birthday girl, my DH, my two sisters and myself.




Here's an album with a few pictures:


Finally, the most wonderful birthday present that anyone could ever give my little Rua...all of her and her Momma's wonderful DK family.  We are so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful "family"  Thank you all for your love, support and kindness!


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  • Oh my, so sorry I missed her official birthday, but HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!! 
  • OMD!  I almost started hugging my computer screen!  She is soooo cute!  I can't wait to get a little girl & dress her in pink!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUA!!!
  • Happy Birthday, Rua!
  • Since today is actually Rua's birthday, Ned and Clancy begged me to wish her happy birthday again.

  • 3365577910?profile=originalDoodle hugs-Chloe & Myla
  • 3365577468?profile=original

    Love the photos!

  • SO CUTE!!!  Happy birthday, Rua!!
  • Ohhh Rua, you are so pretty in pink! Happy birthday girl!
  • haha awww! Happy Birthday Rua! Parker hopes you have a special day and get some good cookies!

    I wish I knew how to do those fancy card/pictures everyone does for the welcomes and birthdays!

  • Happy Birthday Rua, you just get cuter every day.
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