Ruby is a sweet (SWEET) 3 year old labradoodle. She was pulled from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina (thanks, Michael G!) where she had been turned in by her backyard breeder "parents". That's right...Ruby was used strictly to breed litter after litter of puppies and then was turned into this high kill shelter when her "usefulness" was gone (If you can't read between the lines, I hate these people. I can't put it into gentler, more PC terms...people who irresponsibly breed dogs so they can turn a quick buck and then mistreat, abandon, or kill dogs that can't breed for them or that they can't sell are a shaky step below Hitler in my book). Anyway, soapbox rant over, on to RUBY. Ruby was flown to Augusta, GA by the fine folks of Pilots N Paws on Monday, where Deborah Vaughn picked her up and brought her to my house.


Ruby is a LOVE. I'm once again awed by the resiliency of these doodles. I've had Ruby for about two days and here's what I know...

She lives to have her belly rubbed

She is sweet as sugar and adores women (and has been fine with men, just slightly more reserved at first)

She's an awesome snuggler (yes, both she and Callie slept in bed with me last night)

She's housebroken

Once she has a few solid months of good nutrition behind her, she'll have one of the most gorgeous doodle coats in the history of Doodledom.

She doesn't know how to play with plush toys, but she likes to snuggle them. She does know how to chew on a marrow bone.

She displays no resource guarding over food, and I was able to pull the bone out of her mouth when it was time for her to stop chewing on it with no reaction but a "really??" look on her face.

As she displayed at the vet's office yesterday, she has the potential to be a master counter surfer!

She doesn't know how to play with other dogs at all. Callie play bowed to her this morning and Ruby looked at her, looked at me, and then wandered over to the water bowl. This part will take some time!

Last night, Ruby learned how to walk up the stairs

This morning, Ruby learned how to walk down the stairs

 Below are some pictures of this sweet girl.

Right after her bath last night:



This morning, lounging in my bed:




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  • what's going on with Ruby?
  • I just spent an hour from beginning to end of Michael's rescue story. This is the middle chapter of a really good book, I can't wait for the ending and I don't want to put the book down.

    God Bless You All.

  • It is so nice to hear this good news about Ruby. It is just amazing what can happen when a dog feels safe and loved. So cute, about her copying Callie.
  • Frannie...that is so sweet.  I bet poor Ruby was so busy her entire life having puppies and in a crate or cage and never got to experience love, freedom and how to play.  Callie is doing a good job showing her how everything is done.  I bet within a week they are romping together and are best buddies.  Ruby sounds like such a sweet girl.  I think it is going to be very hard to let her go once you find her forever home!  Love and pats to Callie too for being such a good example for Ruby.
  • Just such a love, I am really wanting to foster a dog as well, I need to wait because my mom is getting a puppy soon but you sure are making being a foster mom an amazing thing. I am sure it comes with its challenges but so cute. Thank you for showing that baby so much love. It warms my heart to know she is finally getting the love she deserves.
  • She is watching Callie to show her the ropes, good girl Callie. What a wonderful teacher.
  • I wish all of you could meet Ruby!!! I know it's been such a short amount of time that all of her personality hasn't come out. but she's gotten SO much more confident in just a couple of days! Basically, she seems to be making a point to do everything that Callie does. If Callie hops on the sofa, Ruby does too. If Callie goes for a drink of water, Ruby's lined up behind her at the water bowl. It's really cute, especially when one considers that they still largely ignore each other (or appear to, at any rate). Ruby ALMOST played with Callie yesterday, but then couldn't quite figure out what she was supposed to do, so she was just standing there with a paw in the air. She's also started to give kisses! Little hesitant ones, but they are so sweet! (maybe she's copying Callie there too).

  • She's going to make someone a very happy doodle parent!
  • I couldn't help but notice that doodle nose first thing too!! Awesome!! Frannie, thanks so much for all you do for the doodles in need. Ruby looks like such a sweetheart and I agree with all your comments about her previous "owners"!! :(
  • wow, congratulations on rescuing such a grogeous doodle. I wonder if there is a doodle rescue organization in my neck of the woods (Ottawa, Canada). I would love to participate, donate or even adopt a rescue one day when Sophie is a bit more grown up. It's shocking how people can treat animals with such cruelty. Good for you for stepping up the plate and giving Ruby a loving home.
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