Second Child Syndrome

I am a second child.  My brother has tons more childhood pictures than I do.  My mom had a baby book for each of us. My brother's is filled out in great detail...mine, well, there is a one liner about the fact that I was born and that is where my mom lost interest I think.  So I swore I would never do that to my second child.  Turns out human children weren't in the cards for me so my first "child" was Murphy. I have a lock of his hair, I have several of his baby teeth, I have a photo album filled with his first year. Anyone remember Murphy's first birthday?  The planning, the invitations, the party, the cakes and cookies, the people food, the organized games and trainer hired to lead all of the games, the hand made goodie bags for each guest, the decorations, the presents, the poster made and framed special for his party...Murphy had the perfect doodle birthday. See my page for pics if you missed it. week Wilson will be one year old.  I have done NOTHING.  OMG!  I have done what I swore I would never do!  I am the worst doodle mom on the planet!

I am trying to throw together a small doodle playdate for the weekend after his birthday.  I feel terrible..I know Murphy is telling him all about his party and making Wilson feel neglected.

Wilson is my second child, and like lots of second children he has been slighted .  BUT I love him with all of my heart and soul!  His birthday may not be a big "event" but it will be very special and he will know he is loved.

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  • Ronna, Wilson will never have the second child syndrome with this perfect party! Enjoy all those doodles.

  • Just confirmed that two of Wilson's littermates will be celebrating with Wilson :)  I think that is pretty special..Wilson and two of his littermate sisters (Indie and Daisy), his sister from a different litter (Mia), Murphy and Murphy's brother (Tyler).  The thought of that much cuteness in my backyard is almost unbearable :)

  • Don't worry Adina I got over the fact that my baby book was incomplete, I think I was 35 years old!

  • Happy Birthday to you Wilson! Something tells me it will be very special!!

  • My husband is the oldest of seven.  Each of the albums got thinner.  Each of the albums is missing pictures because that was the only way Mom could even make an album for the seventh.

    Happy Birthday Wilson


  • This is funny because I know what you mean about the baby books!  My first son's book is much fuller than my second son's book.  My second son doesn't think anything of it because he knows he is so loved!  Doodles don't know when their birthday is, so it is fine!  Just enjoy the special day with your special doodles!  He will be happy!

  • Thankfully neither of my kids yet have a completed baby book.  I don't know what it is about baby books but I CAN not write in them.  My kids will both be sad when they grow up!  I went crazy with the baby book when my sister (12 years younger) was born so she was probably my 'first child' and took all that away...haha!

  • This is exactly why Daisy is an only doodle and her two legged sister is an only child! I was the slighted one in my family (but not a bad as my younger two siblings) but my older brother, well he was the king.


  • This is just too funny!  If you are the worst doodle mom in the world than I am chopped liver.  Not only have I not had a party for Seda I haven't had one for Webber either!  I went to Murphy's birthday party, and it was grand, however, I don't think Wilson will care one bit if you hug him and get him one of those cute cookies with the paw print on it!  I am sorry that I will be gone when you have the get together.  Webber and Seda are sorry too.  Thanks again for driving today.  You are a great rescue Mom too.

  • Happy Birthday, Wilson!

    You are a wonderful doodle mom, Ronna! I wish I came even close to how you have photographed, blogged about and showered darling Wilson with love and attention.

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