Seriously, could anything else happen today!!!

Okay so today started with Bruno being fed a wipe by my 1 year old that he can apparently swallow in 2 seconds because it was gone! Midday I find a tick on Bruno but of course he can't sit for a second so I have to wait for the calvary to come home and help! Now as I prepare for my daughters birthday I hear my mother say, "What does Bruno have in his mouth(he was outside)". I go to let him in and there is a giant piece of poop that he is just chewing on! Really! So now I have to stop everything to wash his face and brush his teeth, only to come in to my kitchen where my mother knocked over a liter of soda and it is all over my kitchen. So out goes Bruno again to come back in smelling like you know what again! Take two of cleaning him and also the kitchen and trying to get a 3 and 1 year old to bed I find my husband snoring on the couch! Tick still not out by the way and 20 lbs of wings in the sink that he is suppose to marinade and he snores! He finds this perfectly acceptable and I will know turn myself into Mary Poppins to finish everything since that is what a mom does! I needed to get that out!
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  • Trina,

    I loved reading this funny ..I love the way you write a story..sorry to hear that Bruno is ..well acting like such a puppy..Barbra the groomer told me she loves Bruno :-)...tells me how good he is all the time for her...

    Keep up all the good work you are doing with your avator pic...he is so beautiful and fluffy...

  • Nice to know I am not the only one!... and I did laugh about most of it! I didn't get the bath but some dvr funny shows really helped. No problems so far today and the DH has cleaned the whole yard, took down the Xmas lights(New England weather!), marinated chicken wings etc... He made up for last night! We found the wipe outside today and thanks to this site tried the dishliquid to get it out and whala! Wizard of Oz play tonight with my daughter and the memere and DH has to wrap/bag all the gifts! Much better day today... Kept thinking of that country song your gonna miss this and I know I will someday. 47 people at our house tomorrow with jumpy Bruno, will let you know how it goes!
  • Oh Trina I remember those days all too well, but hang in there, this too shall pass...Put kids in bed, or crib, put grandma on the other couch to watch tv, crate Bruno, and you go and take a long hot bath with a glass of wine, and just say, "Calgon, take me away."...You deserve this right now, lol...Oh and as far as the DH is concerned, remember one thing, Females are an X chromosone, and Males are a Y, which is an unfinished X, so there in is the reason they are the way they are....( Just some little tidbit from my old nursing days, lol)
  • Okay...take a deep breath.....put grandma down for a nap, let Bruno clean up the soda, and let DH eat poop, pull that tick out of Bruno and you go take a long bath with door closed and locked.  Hope today is better :)
  • Oh my.... that is quite a day!   Hopefully you will find the days ahead to be a breeze and much less stressful for you!  
  • Too bad your one year old didn't wait until AFTER the poop incident to feed Bruno the wipe!
  • I'm exhausted just reading this......I may need to go lay down!
  • I have to agree...sorry to laugh, but it is funny.  And way too typical.  Those darn DH' can't live with them and you can't live with them....or it was something like that.


    Happy birthday to your daughter, btw!

  • Sorry but I can just see this in my head and it is funny.  It might not seem like it now but this sort of thing takes me way back to when my own children were little and the activity level it required to keep up with it all.  Puppies, children grow so fast, try to laugh and enjoy it.  Now husbands, they NEVER grow up, just a warning - lmao!!!
  • Oh, clearly not a good day!  I want to be a DH in my next life.....
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