Slowly emerging from his shell...Wilbur!

Wilbur Foster Doodle is making great strides! He is eating a little bit more (not as much as I would like, but more), drinking normally, and is having pretty regular "eliminations". He's still a super snuggler, and he and Callie have come to a bedtime understanding (the understanding is if they both want to be there, they have to deal with the other one!).

Wilbur things that make me laugh:

- Monday night I was getting ready for bed. I heard the unmistakable sound of dogs playing. I peeked my head out of the bathroom (I didn't want to interrupt). Wilbur was standing stock still in the middle of the room and Callie was muppeting all over him, trying to entice him to play. He would only move his head.It was so stinking cute!

- When I get home from work and let Wilbur out of the kitchen, he goes to the front door, stretches his incredibly long skinny legs out in front of him, puts his tush in the air and wiggles it!

- Wilbur seems to know which toys are Callie's favorites and hoards them between his front legs (Callie doesn't really care - she just picks up a different toy or waits for Wilbur to get up), but Wilbur really thinks he's getting one over on her!

- He's starting to get a little prance-y on his leash (he's a wonderful leash walker - it's amazing)

Wilbur things that make a little weepy:

- he's still so bony!

- he had no idea what toys are. He's figured it out, under Callie's influence.

- he doesn't really know how to play with other dogs

- he's still giving mid-walk doodle hugs

- he's gotten SO much more comofrtable with people - he actually approached a couple of my neighbors while we were out walking last night. I really hope he knows that wherever he ultimately lands, he will never know a harsh or neglectful person again.

- He is so sweet and loving - it's heartbreaking.

Wilbur things that frustrate me a bit:

- He keeps trying to emulate how Callie squats to pee and pees on his front legs every time he does this! He has the stinkiest pee I've ever encountered. We spend lots of time washing legs.

- there's nothing that entices him into the kitchen. He's very well behaved but it's less than a week and I'm not comfortable giving him and Callie both free reign. I either have to leave his leash on him in the morning and drag him into the kitchen, or I have to pick him up and deposit him in there.

So we're basically status quo. I've got our art director signed on to take pictures of the Wilbs for petfinder after he's filled out and fluffed out a bit, so he will look his doodley best!

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  • I enjoy reading your updates Frannie. You're doing a great job!
  • Wilbur stole my napkin during dinner last night! He's really getting comfy! I'm so happy about that (I took the napkin away of course, but was happy nonetheless!)
  • Fantastic job Frannie! You,re a very good foster Mama!
  • Sounds like he will be ready for a new forever home in no time =))
  • Great job! Keep the progress stories coming.
  • Good work, momma Frannie!
  • Frannie sounds like you are doing a great job of helping Wilbur settle in. I hope we get to all 3 of you on the 28th.
  • Wilbur sounds so wonderful. What a great work you and Callie are doing!! Keep the updates coming!
  • You're doing such a wonderful job, and it sounds like things are progressing nicely. He's getting more comfortable already! Some family in the Atlanta area is going to be very lucky!
  • Sounds like things are moving right along. If it is like it has been here, he will make great strides in the next week. Week one here everyone warmed up to each other very slowly, during week two I started saying I think I liked it better when they didn't play with each other ..... it gets crazy. But, sounds like you have it under control and doing a great job. Keep the updates coming. Love hearing how you BOTH are doing!
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