SOoooo.... What'd I Miss?

Hello everyone!  Boy did I miss you guys while on vacation for the past 10 days!  I don't think (even in my busiest times) that I have ever been off DK as much as I have during these past 10 days!  I have missed many posts and TWO YAPPY HOURS!!!   I have to admit, I did peak and got to comment a bit  during the early mornings while waiting for 'the boys' to wake up and late at actually worked in my favor that there was a six hour time difference (well 3 hours for you west-coasters). 

   Tori did very well while we were gone and got spoiled by Nana and Poppi.  But they said a few nights she cried at about 3 or 4 in the morning wanting to go into their house at night after she roamed the bedrooms looking for us. :o(  

Nana and Poppi took care of that and brought her crate into their house to make her feel more comfortable.

    On the 'homefront' we have missed the first 'earthquake tremors' in 60 years and came home just in time for the worst hurricane to hit Long Island in history.  Hoping those of you where the quake hit and on the southeast coast are all faring well.  

    So, that's what I missed here, at home... but fill me in...anything exciting happen on DoodleKisses?  I have just started going through the posts on forums and blogs.... trying to go through them all before we lose our electric from this storm.  But have no fear.. I'm charging up all the laptops so I can stay connected to you all.  We have three in our home and I'm hiding them all for MY use.... Ten days being away from all of you, is enough... don't think I could be HOME and not be able to stay in touch!

    Hawaii was awesome, but glad to be back "in touch" with all of you!

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  • Hey Shelly! Glad you are back safe and sound-now I hope that the storm isn't too bad for you guys. What a thing to come back to! Stay safe!
  • Thank you all for the welcome home!  I would have said I was 'addicted' (half jokingly) before I went, but when one can not log onto a computer without even at least peaking on DK... it is a confirmed case of ADDICTION!  Oahu was nice, but Maui was just wonderful!  My son and DH snorkeled right on the beach with sea turtles and sting rays, while Andrew, my younger son stayed further away (not really one for marine life swimming right up against me), enjoyed the surf. I thought by some tropical miracle the boys would all of a sudden lose their urge to argue and taunt each other, but I was wrong... but I managed to tune them out and sonar in on the sounds of the surf and birds.  The weather was just gorgeous - warm but the breezes kept us cool.  I even muster enough courage up to zipline.  It was truly amazing soaring above the canopy. And the sunsets on Maui every night were just stunning!  I'll have to post one of the pictures.
  • Welcome home gosh you sure know how to come back in style!   A hurricane??!!!    Hope Long Island weathers the storm ok!
  • Welcome home, Shelly! We missed you!!
  • Welcome home, Shelly! Did you relax and enjoy the tropical breezes? You were missed.
  • Welcome back!!!!  We sure have missed you - so fill us in an the highlights of your vaca.
  • Oh Shelly,

    I'm sure it was miserable being in HAWAII!  To have to give up so much DK time certainly was NOT worth it.  HA.

    Glad to have you back.  

    I was on Long Island before Hurricane Bob ( I think it was him ) came up the coast in the 80s.  Oh my.  5 Hours to get off the Island.  Thinking of you all.  Get a big plastic bag for those laptops too!

  • Glad you're back, Shelly!  I'm hoping you had a great vacation.
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