Sunny got off to a rough start - mats, fleas, ticks, torn off nail, kennel cough, neutering, neutering infection (had to wear the dreaded cone for three weeks!). After having him for only ten days, his 'rescuer' fell and broke her hip and was unable to continue caring for him. My daughter kept Sunny for those first weeks. Sunny and her lab quickly bonded with each other. When she had to leave to work in another town, Sunny came to us. Sunny loves our dogs too and we have doodle wrestling and zoomies daily. What entertainment! Sunny is 'training' our other dogs to give him the toy by annoyingly barking at them. There have been a couple of scuffles over high value toys so they have been removed. You can click on any of the pictures to see Sunny larger.

Sunny has the perfect temperament. He is very playful when it is playtime and very calm when it isn't. While he loves doggy friends, he adores people and loves nothing more than a good snuggle. He is not fazed by little children, barking dogs, car rides, traffic, visits to restaurants, etc. He is afraid of human aggressive behavior - my daughter-in-law was play growling with her baby and Sunny growled and pushed at her to protect the baby who was laughing through it all. He also showed fear growling when my son came into the house in his motorcycle gear but when he spoke calmly to him and offered his hand, Sunny was fine.
He is perfectly night crate-trained and when he wants your attention in the morning he gives a very polite quiet woof; like whispering, "Good morning. Could I get up now?"
We have a doggy door and Sunny has had no accidents in our house - he has restricted access/leash supervision to any areas outside of the den/kitchen, because he is still marking in 'new' areas. I truly think this will fade over time and with familiarity of his home.
When left alone Sunny panics and tries to dig his way out, but when left with any human or dog, he is perfectly fine. We haven't tried crating him and leaving but I suspect he might be perfectly fine rather than anxious. I don't want to try it yet simply because he has been through so much in his short year of life I don't want to deliberately test his anxiety.
Now about food. Sunny is exactly like Clancy was when we got him as a rescue. Sunny would probably eat until he was sick. He has learned to sit before being released to eat - he has not mastered the 'wait' part yet, so we lightly hold his collar until we release him. Currently we have a ball in Sunny's bowl to slow down his gobbling. I suspect that, like Clancy, once Sunny has a chance to be in a permanent home for a while, he will attain food manners - sit and wait to be released to eat, not gobble, eat only from his dish. I think Sunny will need lots of training to keep him from jumping onto the kitchen table and I suspect that he could jump onto the counters if he really wanted to.
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  • Sounds like a great addition to your family!?!?!?!? Looks like the doodles are getting along and having fun with him!

    It's great that you are doing this=sounds like a good dog!

  • Thank you.
  • What a journey your family has been on with Sunny!  I so admire all of your commitment to Sunny and finding him the perfect forever home. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's injury and hope she is well on her way to recovery by now!
  • Sunny looks so great! The slide show is terrific. I hope Sunny finds a home soon.
  • My mom was the rescue angel. It really is a shame that all of this has happened to an independent lady. She doesn't truly understand all that has happened and wants to keep Sunny, but she won't be capable of actually taking care of his needs. We really don't feel like we should keep him.  Much of our free time is spent dealing with my mom and her affairs and he is not getting the attention and training that he deserves. 

    Also our Springer has a 'delicate psyche' and gets depressed when new dogs have come into our lives (Ned and Clancy).  So far he is fine with Sunny but we think it is because he was brought into the house several times to visit by our daughter and her lab and we think the Springer feels we are dog-sitting Sunny (weren't we sneaky to do this).

  • Nancy, you are an angel and Sunny is so lucky!  You are doing a wonderful job, and if we had room in our house, I'd definitely considering driving over to CA to bring him home with us!
  • Wow, what a change from the first picture to the last.  Thanks for doing such a great thing for him.
  • This is all great news, Sunny sounds like he is starting to trust again and all due to your wonderful work and patience with him. Thank you for doing this amazing rescue work.
  • hugs and God bless you..
  • Nancy such a wonderful story about a sweet boy!  Thank you for helping this guy find a better life!!!!
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