Surgery for Benny

Well, as I am a bit scared I thought writing it down might help.As some of you already know Benny cut one of his webbed feet a while ago. After weeks of antibiotics and wearing a shoe outside and during the night the wound finally closed and the infection was gone. On Monday I suddenly realized that he was licking his paw again all the time. I checked it and saw that the skin between his toes was cut open again and it looked like it did in the beginning. I have no idea how that happened but it was the exact same place and the cut was as deep as it was. And of course it was infected again. I went to the vet and they said that it probably popped open again as the paw is in lot of movement. They also said that they don't think that it will heal again by itself as the cut is so deep. He got antibiotics again which I don't like cause in his short life of 11 month he had to take antibiotics already so often that I am worried that he might develop a resistance against them.The vet hopes that after a week of antibiotics the infection has gone back so much that they can stitch it.On Tuesday I have the appointment for Benny. They are going to sedate him, then cut out the still infected skin and then stitch it.I have asked if it would be necessary to sedate him but obviously it is.I hope that everything goes well and that the stupid wound finally is history then.
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  • Oh poor little Benny...hope it all goes well. Paw issues are so hard for some dogs because it's hard for many of them to leave their tender paws alone. Glad things will be fixed soon!
  • We are sending all good vibes for Benny's quick recovery - sounds like they have a good plan to finally help him. Love and hugs to Benny!
  • Phoebe and I are sending positive thoughts for Benny's surgery to do the trick!
    (they are the same age..when does Benny turn 1?)
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