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The Christmas Visitor

Have you ever heard yourself saying something, and even as the words are leaving your mouth your inner voice is going "STOP!!!!!"? I had one of those moments about two weeks ago when a co-worker asked me for the number of a place to board her dog over the holidays.What I should have said..."Sure - here's the number to Barking Hound Village"What I actually said..." I'll keep Zoey while you're gone"So, fast-forward to yesterday, when Zoey, the adorable 6.5lb long haired miniature dachshund, arrived at my house with her teeny tiny crate, minute sweaters, itty bitty food/water bowls, and GIGANTIC attitude.I've been cracking up non-stop watching this dynamic...this barely-there dog has Callie completely cowed. A few well timed yaps and Callie is falling right in line. So far, Zoey has appropriated a marrow bone, an antler, and a knotted rawhide (which is roughly the same length she is). Callie steals them back when Zoey (who I call "Z" or "Mighty Z") is disracted, but relinquishes them as soon as Z starts barking.Z's also become very possessive of my lap. I am perfectly happy to cuddle and pet both dogs (two hands, two dogs...the math works out just fine), but I'm not supplanting my beloved puppy girl Callie for anyone. Z will just have to deal with sharing (and Callie doesn't care if I actively pet her or not, as long as she can be in constant contact with me).Bedtime was another adventure. I put both dogs in bed with me, where they proceeded to wrestle for nearly two hours! I'm SO going to have to get Callie a dog at some point (a bigger one than Zoey though!). Callie finally wandered away from Z, and collapsed, exhausted. A moment later, I felt the bed start to shake. I looked over and Z was frantically humping Callie's head (I stopped that of course...Callie is a responsible lady and any suitor will at least have to buy her dinner before humping her. It only seems fair).This week with little Zoey will be an adventure to say the least, but it's good practice for if I get a second dog (and I'm sure I'll cave at some point...Callie is LOVING having a built in playmate!)
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  • Hahaha...soo funny! Those little dogs need to be bossy to survive in a big dog's world - it's eat or be eaten! Sounds like you and Callie are both going to need a long winter's nap after the holidays!
  • All morning long, Z and Callie have been playing a game of hide, seek, and bark. Zoey keeps hiding under the guest bed and Callie runs all around the bed trying to find her. If Callie stops looking, or gets those long paws too deep, Zoey barks.

    Zoey has also peed in Callie's downstairs bed, peed in some laundry I was sorting, and peed on the bedroom floor. We walked for an hour and she came back in and peed on the laundry. That's not an "accident"...that's a "purpose"! I am appreciating Callie soooooo much more now!
  • LOL! This a great, funny story!
  • This is cracking me up. Poor Callie. We should let her and Timbow play together and let Z play with my parents shih tzu "Mushu" who is in town visiting.
  • Remember that teeny, tiny crate???? Give Callie a break and put the Z dog into it - nighty night! She will probably still bark, but maybe......... Ned likes to bark in the middle of the night = at what? We have NO idea!
  • Frannie, we can relate to the lion's heart in a kitten's body. Our 8 pound cat Cleo is really the alpha dog of the house. You should see her keep the 3 dogs in line.
  • I had this in reverse years ago when I had my 20 lb miniature poodle and fostered a 108 lb male poodle absolutely rode roughshod over this gigantic shepherd...she took away his toys, his bones (some bigger than she was), and then stood halfway up the staircase and "blocked" him from coming up. Of course, it was her turf, but it was amazing to see. A lot of little dogs have big attitudes!
    I'm surprised that Callie isn't getting tired of it, though. Don't be surprised to find her trying to hide from Zoey, lol! She may be very glad when Zoey goes home & she has her house, her chew toys, her bed & her "lap" all to herself again!
  • I think it's hysterical that Zoey is already "running the show". I'm guessing Callie knows this is a houseguest and she needs to hospitable. Such good doodle manners! Let's hope the attempted "lovemaking" in the middle of the night doesn't continue...poor Callie. It might be a long week! LOL
  • Hold out to getting yourself another dog...remember...there is a "dude" out there w/ a "dood"! I just know it!! lol
  • Loved your story. Thanks for the laugh!!!!! :)))))
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