Tigger Talks: Murphy is a bossy 3

Hi Tigger here - I haven't posted for awhile because I had to take care of Murphy.  She felt really sore all over and would not play much at all.  She is really feeling great now and what a bossy pants!  I am bigger and smarter but I have to pretend she is in charge because she is a "girl"  and it is just not worth it to argue.  So I just stand back and let her go first and then I do what I want anyway.

She is also a suck up.  She won't leave the yard even if the gate gets left open, which hardly ever happens so she should take advantage, you know. It would be a waste of time anyway as she would just run to Mom when she discovered we had sneaked out.  Even I come after awhile.  It's fun to smell new smells, but I get tired and thirsty so I let Mom "catch" me.

She is one strange dog about the TV.  Everyone knows it is flat, does not smell, and worth no attention whatsoever. I have even seen Dad lift her up to the TV to sniff for herself.  Yet every time it makes noise she barks like it is Bear outside.  Talk about crying "Bear"!  That's a girl for you; makes no sense at all. 

Murphy does let me run interference for her sometimes at the dogpark, so she still needs me. I love to go to the dog park, but sometimes too many of the boys are ganging up on my Murphy, so I come and straighten them out.  I am more fun anyway as I know about sniffing and mounting annd back-talking.  Murphy just lays down if she gets too many around her.  Kind of weird, I think, but you know, she's a girl (eye roll).  We do have fun at the dog park though.  We can really run.  Mom says I am slowing down, HAH!!  Little does Mom know that I am just trying not to embarass Murphy by running so very very very much faster than she can.

I heard Mom telling Dad that Murphy "was in charge" now that she felt good again.  I am so proud of myself!  I did not say a thing.  Who cares who gets fed first, so long as they get fed.  Roo always ate first, jumped in the pool first, but I was the strong and steady one.  Constantly on the look out for deer, bear, ducks, interlopers ALL!! I get more food than Murphy and that is really all I care about - FOOD!!

Paws are tired signing off, Tigger





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  • Tigger, we think every word you said is true. Girls drool and boys rule! We hope we can see you in a couple months. It's boring just staying at home.
  • Riley says:

    Tigger, I hear you. Siblings are weird.

    Dad brought home this REALLY small thing and I think it's a dog but I'm not 100% sure because it's too small. It keeps trying to bite my ears but I'm too tall so he ends up just catching air and falling on his face. He's really not very good at jumping.

    I keep hearing the excited "Yes!" that mom and dad say when I've done something good but they are definitely not talking to me because I'm just sleeping.

    I sort of think the little dog is okay and I'm trying to play with him a bit but I'm not really sure how because he's half the size of my leg.

    He is acting more like a dog today than he was yesterday so maybe there is hope for him.
  • Tigger, you are one smart cookie! Murphy is just a silly girl and you can trick her into thinking she’s in charge.
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