Time is flying, so I must be having fun!

April 17th was Callie's "gotcha" day. One one hand, I can't believe it's already been two years. On the other hand, it feels like I've always had her, because she's such a big part of my family and my life. I swear I love that furry little monster more every day! Callie had a lovely doodleversary (borrowing Donna's word) yesterday, romping around with Yankee (foster) Doodle in the house,  playing at the dog park with her friends Louie, Emmett, Boomer, and Yankee, taking a nap on top of me, and topping off the night with some celebratory flank steak. I think my little Callie had a good day! Here are some pictures of Callie...


Callie's shiny doodle nose:


Callie riding in the car:3356531002?profile=original


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  • Happy Gotcha Day, Callie! And thanks for everything you've done to help all of your foster siblings! You got so lucky in the mom department, I know you're just trying to pay it forward.  

    Kisses on your big black nose from JD and me!

  • HAPPY GOTCHA DAY! How sweet!
  • Happy Gotcha Day....Callie you are a sweetie!!!!
  • Happy Gotcha Day, Callie.  You certainly are a keeper!
  • Happy Gotcha Day Callie !!
  • Happy Gotchya Day!!  You guys were meant to find each other and keep busy helping so many other doods!
  • Happy Gotcha Day from me and Sedona!
  • Our turn to wish you a Happy Doodleversary, and yes we are also having fun. Callie is a lucky girl to have found you and you are a lucky girl to have found her. Wishing you and Callie lots of happy years together.
  • Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Callie! 
  • Happy Gotcha Day!!!
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