Yup! The Hopeless Doodle Addict Trophy has arrived at a new addict's house. Due to my extreme doodle addiction I received the terrific star accompanied by the terrible towel (Steelers Superbowl 2009 towel) which I will proudly wave. I took my trophy and towel to share with my students. Of course, the kids thought Ned won the star trophy - they already think he is a famous star anyway. Thank you doodlekisses for making me what I am today - Doodle Obsessed! Soon I will pass this treasure on to the next doodle addict. If you need a reminder as to how you can become hopelessly doodle addicted here is the link: http://www.doodlekisses.com/forum/topics/and-the-next-doodle-addict-is

The doodle who made this all possible:

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  • This is a riot! Nancy, you are far more obsessed than you have admitted to me! Love it. The trophy is great
  • Thank you all so much. Wait until you see who gets it next!
  • Congrats Nancy and Ned! Cute pictures!
  • Congratulations! I must say I am Jealous.... I am still trying, but I keep going down in #s! *sigh* someday....
  • So Cal doodlers: I will be bringing the trophy to the pawtee - so that you can admire and touch it until your turn comes!!!
  • Congratulations Nancy, you truly are a deserving doodle addict :) Great pics as always, see you this weekend you star.......
  • Congratulations! Love the pictures!
  • Congratulations Nancy! Love the photos! :-)
  • Congrats!!!!
  • Congrats Nancy & Ned! I guess Doodle addiction really does pay off.
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