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  • Hi! I think Charlie looks a little like your dog when he was much younger, don’t you think so? Do you think mine will get facial furnishing? Will doodle more?
  • I love his adult coat. He reminds me so much of my Sophie's coat as an adult. There is a group called "From Pup to Adult" that would be a great place to repost this. Sometimes on FB if someone is asking about what will my puppy look like I will like them to that group because it really shows how the puppies change.
  • He is BEAUTIFUL ... definitely submit one of his photos for a calendar inclusion!!!
  • He’s adorable! Looks so much like my 9 week old, does he shed much?
  • So handsome!
  • Trooper is as cute as a doodle can be! What a doll!

  • Trooper is absolutely darling!!! I just love his smile!!!

  • Trooper is adorable and has my favorite scruffy look.

  • They don’t get any cuter than his expressions!

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