I found out from IDOG this morning that the Athens shelter had all of their paperwork mixed up and that I actually have ORVILLE, not Wilbur. However, if he doesn't respond to "Orville", I'm renaming him "Wilbur" - I think it's an adorable name! I wondered about this, as this dood looked nothing like the one from the Athens shelter! Below is a picture I took of him yesterday at the vet.

Orville/Wilbur spent a comfortable night at the vet. The great news is that he is heartworm NEGATIVE (doing a happy dance!). I was worried, but not sure how The bad news is that he is 10-15 lbs underweight, malnourished, and has whip-worms. The vet is concerned about his skin, and has ordered a shave-down so she can see what's really happening under the dreads. He also has to have an "anal pluck" which sounds terribly unpleasant.

Otherwise, it was all good. The vet said that O/W has an incredibly good disposition, that he was cooperative but not absent. There were reports of more tail wagging!! She is aging him younger than the Athens shelter did (they aged both doodles at 5), but my vet thinks that his teeth are way too clean for him to be 5, especially when one considers the neglect. She thinks he is between 1.5 and 2.5 years old. Overall diagnosis "he needs a little time and love, but he will make someone a wonderful pet"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight will be the big test...I'm picking up O/W this afternoon and taking him home and letting him have a "moment" to decompress and THEN I'm going to get Callie from daycare. I know Callie will be her adorable, muppety self when she sees a new dog in the house so I want him to have a comfort level first. I have NO idea if this is a good or bad idea. I've been advised to let them slowly out into the yard to get to know each other but I don't have a yard! ANY ADVICE???

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  • Well I was told the same theing whe we got Oliver, but somehow, I forgot to do that and brought him right into the house. Now Oliver was a puppy and Renny is an old man, lol, but I had no problems, but not sure if it was because Oliver was the puppy...But ypur Callie is sweet, so I bet all will be well between them, please keep us posted...O/W either name is adorable for the guy...
  • I am so glad the news so far is good! I am sure Callie will be very sweet with "what's his name." PS I like the name Wilber also.
  • He is so cute! I'm sure his meeting Callie will be fine! She is such a sweetie.
  • He's adorable, and has a bright future thanks to you, whatever his name is!
  • Good news from the vet. Weight and whip worms can be easily treated. And, it is great that he is younger. Anxious to see what he looks like after the shave down :-)
  • Frannie, let them meet in the house, after O/W has had a chance to sniff around. Neither dog is aggressive to the best of our knowledge, and it will be fine. The foster will probably be very submissive to Callie, which is what you want.
  • The joys of townhome ownership...no yard, no garage, no driveway! We will largely be winging it tonight! The groomer said he was a champ the whole time - can't wait to see him!
  • I hope they are really carefull when he gets shaved since he so underweight =( I know he will be in much better shape real soon..I hope Callie likes him . Good luck!!!
  • Both names are great and I can't wait to see which one he responds more to - great news on the vet! I think he's going to do great. Do you have a driveway? That's where we introduced our dogs... then took them into the garage. Good first step. Good luck!!!
  • Do you have a garage you could let them meet in first? That way there is no furniture to knock over, etc. Plus there's lots of open room for them to romp around - if they choose to do so. Just a thought. :)
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