Today i learned of the resone to Blonkas death. I was not exspecting it at all. Blonka was killed by a pit bull in her own yard. The naburs dog got out a shook her to death.This is Tillys mom. I am sad to say but today i found out that one of the little dogs i watched about 2 weeks ago passed away.Her name was Blanka and she was a wire hair jack rustle age 6 years. I have not yet talked to the owner as my mom works with her and was the one that told me.The owner is having alot of bad luck and that sucks. When she was gone away over the 4th i had her dogs at my house and when she got home to her house she found out that she had been brock in to and ransaced, Every thing they could distroy they did and know to hear that her beloved Blonka has passed is just realy hard news.Blonka was very healthy and i just look back to see if i seen anything that would be alarming and i cant find anything. I Told Tilly today and she is also sad.this is a photo that i tool or Blonka whill i was watching her.This post is in memory of the beloved Blonka.

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  • Luvlittleabby. alot of people feel that way. Even though this sad act was done by a pit i can not hate the breed. After 8 years of vol. ast a shelter i have come to love the breed. I beleave it is the people that are to blam. Its a bad owner that makes a bad pitt. A pit needs to be trained very earlky in life and not just keep in a back yard with little training.

    I just had to add my two sences and do not want to spark a argument about pitts. I know that this can become a very hot topic and thats not what i want . This sit is about doodles not pitts so i will not bring my feelings about them up again.
  • Aww that is terrible! I do not like Pitts at all! Sorry if sounds like "dogism" but I just dont like Pitts and Rotties because they are too powerful.
  • How awful! I'm so sorry. Praying for her human mama. What a beautiful little dog!
  • So sorry about Blonka
  • I'm so sorry about Blonka. What a cute girl she was.
  • I am so sorry to hear about Blonka....
  • I am so very sorry to hear of this loss
  • Sorry to hear about Blonka, and for her family and friends...I know the big role in life she played for all of you and I'm very sorry she is no longer with you.
  • I'm sorry for you and her mom.
  • I'm sorry sad!
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  • Laurie, Fudge, and Vern Thank you for rescuing her. Maybe the car thing will get better with time.
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  • Adina Love this! Not her anxiety, but that you have her and she's free from puppy mill life!
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