We have had many posts here on DK about Seat Belt issues.  I think I've finally found our answer to this very debated topic.  Last week, a very long week, the last straw for me was when Spud’s seat belt broke as I used the brakes.   The next moment, Spud was roaming about the van.  How safe is that?  So, I found this incident to get on my last nerve and to throw a fit about and release all my other troubles.  Yes, I was going to go to the top government agency and complain!

On Facebook, I found an agency to complain to about the poor quality of my seat belt.  I placed pictures and some comments to the Pet Auto Safety Commission!  

Well, DUH ME.  Really, did I think there was such an Agency?   Give me a break on my stupidity.  Not that there should be one, but there really isn’t such a agency.

I placed my frustration on an innocent business on Facebook who sells Pet Auto Safety products.  That's when I met Dawn.

It was then that I realized I had posted my complaints to a business trying to encourage us to use Pet Safety Belts.   I felt terrible and offered to take my post down.  Dawn said no, I am so happy you realize the issue of Pet Safety and could she send me a REAL SEAT BELT to try?   In just three days, Spud's  Bergan Seat Belt arrived.  Free of Charge, Dawn wanted to help us out.

3356593684?profile=originalThere really are blessings in disguise.  First, I met a person/business who actually cares about the consumer!   Second, I discovered a great product that my dog and I are both so happy with. 




About ten years ago, I was driving at a high rate of speed down the interstate when two tires were erratically rolling at a high rate of speed back towards me.  Another few feet, I see two dogs running petrified into me also. Head On.  I swerve and miss them as traffic behind me began to brake and snake around the pups.  Then I see the mangled car smoking just ahead.  Sadly, I have no idea what happened to the dogs as I was stuck inside a mangled mess of cars.   A month ago, I read a sad plea for any information about a Boxer who had been ejected on that same highway in another auto crash.  The dog had been missing a week.  The post says, " We have not given up hope, but we know the chances are no longer good"

My husband tells a story of his beagle mix being slammed into the dash as he was hit from behind.  The dogs jaw mangled and bloodied.

Today on Facebook, another post asking everyone to share information regarding a missing Sheltie Mix missing after another serious crash. The dog was ejected and missing.

Without posting any photos, please do a simple search ( images ) with the words dogs ejected from cars after accidents.

3356593991?profile=originalBuckle Up Doodlers

If you need help, Dawn can  help you with what will work for you and your doodles.  Please ask her where you can get started.  Ask for suggestions.  Tell her about your auto, your dog, how much it weighs, and the best product to use. There are several different products.

It is great to find a Good Business.  Rarely do I promote anything, but this time, I truly believe in the product and her business!

Dawn, Thank You.  Thanks for helping me and Thanks for keeping my Best Friend Safe

Again, Like her on FB for me please.  She sent a crazy old lady like me a Free Seat Belt ( Note~ don't try this as you will not be getting a free seat belt. I was not trying to do this either. It just happened. Maybe she felt sorry for me for being stupid about a dog government agency and so frustrated with my situation)

You really can't get better than a business who cares, helps some silly crazy woman like me, and she wants to keep us safe.




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  • The ClickIt is great. Maya has been using it for several months now. Are the tethers too short when your dog is laying down or sitting? The tethers are supposed to be short because the safety of the ClickIt lies not only in its strength, but in how much it restricts a dog's movement. A dog should be able to sit OR lie down, not both back and forth. A dog should not be able to stand while wearing this harness. The restrictiveness of this harness makes it less than ideal for some dogs because they chew the straps or hurt themselves while trying to move around or get out of it. My Maya doesn't like it one bit. Luckily, though, she's been wearing car harnesses for years and so does not try to chew or wiggle out of the ClickIt.

  • I just got Max the Clickit Sleepypod car harness, which is the only one that passed the crash test dummy testing for dogs. That one there looks similar. I really like it except the tethers are not quite long enough so I need to write the company about that. 

  • Donna:  LIKE!

  • Crack Pot :)  

  • LOL, Joanne, if an iceberg steps in front of the car I'll start thinking Laurie isn't the only one with a pot problem. We never travel at night to reduce the risk of a moose accident. :>)

  • Goldie, you are Adorable.  And Safe.  This is a good example for your little daughter too  :)   

    Donna, So happy Quincy had no problems and is safe. What would happen if one of those fantastic Moose just happened to step in front of your car. Or, and Ice Berg! 

  • Joanne, You will be happy to know that Quincy was secured using BG's method during our 12hr round trip last weekend. I was a little concerned that he would be stressed but he actually was a little better with a less drippy nose. He willingly gets strapped in and doesn't seem to mind at all. 

  • Goldie looks so adorable! It looks like it is on correctly. Perhaps adjust the neck wider and pull it down some so it is not so high. Let me know if you have any issues. :)

  • P.S. Sorry! Didn't mean for those pics to be so big but the comment box in blogs is so small that it wouldn't let me get to the edges to shrink them :/

  • I got my Kurgo harness in the mail today (Thanks Dawn!) It was not exactly easy to fit to Goldie and I think I still need to make some adjustments but we finally got it on and tried it out. I connected it using the Champion Restraint Strap (which is all kinds of awesome btw). I think I will likely use the Kurgo tether in the back seat and keep the Champion Restraint Strap connected in the back of my SUV so I can easily put her in either location.

    I've never used a harness so I'm trying to figure it out but I swear it looks like I put it on wrong even though I followed every step (maybe it's an adjustment issue) It looks like it's up to high... anyway here she is:


    Champion Canine Seat Belt Restraint Strap
    The Champion Canine Seat Belt System - the easiest to use, most versatile dog seat belt product available provides the protection your dog deserves!
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