Here is my favorite picture of Sunny.  The two rescue boys:3356543019?profile=original


Sunny is perfectly crate trained for more than just night time.  He hates and attacks vacuums so I crated him while I cleaned and he just napped until I was done.  Yay!

He is doing very well with housebreaking. We have expanded his space in our house - den/kitchen, living room, dining room, entry with no accidents.  He has been loose in our bedroom before crating and he has not marked.  He loves to get on the bed and snuggle and nap.

In the mornings when I open the crate, Sunny stays in his 'little cave' for a bit and slowly stretches his way out.  He prefers to eat before he does anything in life.  In the mornings, if he even hears kibble sounds, he will not pee until breakfast has been served and devoured. 

He sits and waits for his food.  While he eats very quickly, he is not inhaling it quite as fast. We still have a ball in his bowl to slow him down. We feed him apart from the other dogs because it is easier but I know, like Clancy, he will learn that his food bowl is for him and there will always be a meal, so he doesn't need to steal from the others.

Sunny adores the neighborhood children ( ages 8 - 12) who play with him and take him for walks.

Here is a link to my last post with photos: 


On Sunday Sunny will begin an RV camping trip with us.  We are introducing him to our RV beginning today so he will know it is just part of his 'home' and no marking will be needed. This will be an 'exciting' trip as it will be our 10 month old granddaughter's first camping trip also.  Just think 4 dogs, 3 adults, 1 baby in 32 feet. Hmmm - maybe I will consider boarding myself somewhere .....  I will let you all know how Sunny does with photos!

This is one sure-fire adoptable little poodle-mix (we think he is Bichon/poodle) who will be a delightful addition to a loving family.

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  • Thank you.  He is very cute.
  • that photo is soooo adorable!
  • So cute!
  • He is a doll and will be perfect for some lucky, lucky family.  And i LOVE, LOVE the photo in this blog :)
  • I am sure she wouldn't do everything Sunny needs....she isn't knowledgeable or motivated.  I am going to do him a favor and not mention him to her.  All of us have tried to get her to get a dog for years but she keeps refusing.  My stepfather was the one that walked the dogs. I think she wants the benefits but not the responsibility.  Good luck finding someone.  I wish I could help.
  • Love the picture :)  Sunny is sure a cutie and will make someone a wonderful friend!
  • Sunny is 18 pounds and about 1 to 1 1/2 years old.  He is appropriately playful, but is youthfully playful. We haven't done any leash training yet.  My mom would love to keep him, but I know that she could not open and close the crate, take him potty often enough or lean down to pick up poop, or give him walks.  He gets seriously anxious when left alone, but is fine when left with other dogs.  I don't know whether he would learn to be truly alone (our Gordie hasn't).  He is doing well in learning not to mark indoors, but he would need a knowledgeable  person to walk him around on leash and gradually increase his living space. He loves adults and children.
  • Nancy, how old is Sunny and how much does he weigh?
  • Nancy I wish I could get my mother to adopt Sunny.  He would be perfect for her. She is afraid that if she gets a dog she will have to go to the hospital and no one will be around to take care of the dog.  Or, that she will pass away, and no one will know it! She is 86 and keeps telling me that she isn't going to live another year.  I almost called her about him.  She is lonely and I am convinced a dog would lower her blood pressure and give her company.
  • He sounds like he's doing well, and he looks great too.
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