This past Saturday, several Brazos Valley Doodles and their owners participated in the "Paws for a Cause 2K Run" which benefited a local rescue group called God's Little Creatures.  I am looking at the souvenir T-shirt as I'm typing this and realizing for the first time that it was a RUN!  What?? Please don't let our doods, because that's the last thing they were doing!  Perhaps they would have run if it hadn't been for their slow owners, so let's give them the benefit of the doubt! After all, Captain's mom is pregnant and needed to take it easy (It makes me feel so much better to blame her than "non-caffeinated" me at 8 o'clock in the morning, lol!)  Nevertheless, we had a great time being outside on a gorgeous day together and supporting a great cause!

Now for pics of the participants!

First, Captain and Libby (notice her cute baby bump!):


Next, Rachel and Wild Thing Ollie:


Next, Christine and "Energizer Bunny Shelby:


Then, DK Newcomers Laura and Heidi (the "babies" of the group):


And finally, Knox and me (yes, matchy-matchy!)


Now clearly our doodles had no idea that this was considered a RACE. Here's proof that there was not another dog in sight!  Our gaggle of doodles proudly secured the position of dead LAST!  3356582203?profile=original

Here we are PAWS-ing for a mid-walk photo opportunity.  Again, why hurry??


Slowly but surely, we arrived at the finish line. YAY!  We did it!  Notice closely the blue bandannas -- they say "I Survived" on them, chuckle, chuckle,,,


In closing, let me leave you with two darling pics.  The first one is of Captain, the gentle giant of the group. He has two speeds and this photo shows his fast one!  He is going to make the best doodle-brother ever...


...and then this...Our DK newbies Heidi and Laura are both absolutely precious! 


The Walk or the Run, whatever you want to call it, was a ton of fun! 

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  • Love it!!! Captain & I had a blast, and I'll take the blame for the last place finish....this time at least ;-)

  • We did get lots of comments from volunteers....
    "oh look... they're all doodles" And we made quite an impression at each of the water stations....
    Shelby laid down paws on either side of the bowl to drink up.... while Captain - the gentle giant - drank from a dixie cup!
  • Here's my take:  you all (y'all) HAD to walk slowly so that the throngs of people lining the race route could have time to adequately admire all those gorgeous doodles!

  • Sounds like a very fun time

  • Oh that looks like a great time-thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for the continued comments about the walk!  And Jane...I'll try to get me some running shoes for next time. lol!

  • Looks like the perfect walk and so many wonderful pictures to prove the point : )

  • Just how stinkin cute are you all?  Darling is all I can say but wait - I'll add jealous that I wasn't there.  Doris - just a hint - if it is a run you better get yourself a pair of running shoes - jeeesh!

  • Looks like the perfect day to me!!!  Enjoyed the photos!!

  • Karen, that's what I thought exactly -- it's all good!

    Bonnie, aren't they cute??  Heidi is 7 months old and I don't think Laura is much older, lol!

    F -- I like how you think.  I finished and got the t-shirt to prove it!

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