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Webster, Day 3 as the Reading Dog

Another day in the life of Webster, the reading dog:
It was a rainy, foggy Lookout Mtn. day. I had forgotten how so many winter days on the mountain are like that. We took a little walk in our new rain gear on the track around the playground. Web recognizes the scents on the trail already. Then we headed to the front door - but first I had to have a photo of him before we went in. As soon as we walked in the door, I realized I had not connected his indoor short leash to his collar correctly. He darted up the hallway, leaping and trotting off like a little puppy. Of course my heart was racing because I knew what could happen if a little kindergartner came out of the restroom. One huge leap from Webster and down he or she would go. That would not be a good start for the Fairyland Therapy Dog. As excited as he was, he knew to come running back to me so he could get off on the 'right' foot.

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