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This time last year we were about 4 weeks into the 7 weeks of crate confinement for Lucy after her CCL surgery.  Sophie was a wonderful Sister and stayed by Lucy's side and tried to be understanding of why she couldn't play.  We were all anxiously awaiting January when we would be spending the month at the beach in Florida watching the girls play in the surf and enjoy playing on the beach.  At times it seems like only yesterday and at times it seems like a long year.  It was the same day that Lucy was finally allowed outside off leash that Sophie got sick.  We spent the next month getting a diagnois and then the next 4.5 months doing chemo.  Instead of all of us playing on the beach during January we were home changing the dressing on the chemo burn on Sophie's leg twice a day.   March found us making the toughest decision we have ever had to make and saying good bye to our Sweet Sophie.  That was a heart breaking experience that I hope I never have to go through again and I never wish on anyone else. 

Lucy's Recovery Time

 Sophie Being a Wonderful Sister!

Sharing Their 5th Birthday!


In April we decided we all needed a little break and we needed to again get focused on Lucy and try and get some of the muscle tone built back up in her leg.  She sort of got put on the back burner when Sophie got sick and she was still limping some from her surgery.  We spent two wonderful weeks in FL, meeting some amazing DK friends and enjoying some sunshine.  Shortly after returning to Ohio we came home to a phone message from the DRC saying "Please call us, we have a special situation we need to talk with you guys about".  When we heard the story we just knew we needed to help.  That is when HONEY entered our lives.  We were hopeful that helping Honey would help us to heal from loosing our little girl.  Little did we know that the very next day we would get confirmation that our new baby would be joining us a few months ahead of our initial plans.  Two weeks later we drove to Michigan and picked up little AnnaBelle.  Our house that had been so quiet was now full of Doodle crazy once again.  Although the sadness was still there, we just couldn't help but feel the joy that surrounded us.  If I didn't know any different I would swear that Sophie is guiding AnnaBelle.  The first day we picked her up I know we said several times, "that is just like Sophie was".    Honey has obviously left us now after blessing our lives in so many ways.  She taught AnnaBelle many things before she left and we often comment on how she does this or that just like Honey did.  She was such a special girl and Lucy recognized that as well and they quickly became great friends.  She helped Lucy's leg muscles further heel with all of their playing!


Lucy Rehabing on the Beach in Florida!

Lucy's New Florida Friends, Daphne, Lucy and Bailey

My New Florida Friends! (Lori and Elizabeth)

My Special Girl Honey!

Our Early Surprise!

Doodle Heaven!



It is hard to believe that AnnaBelle was 5 months old yesterday.  She has been such a wonderful, easy puppy (in spite of those Land Shark days).  She is so loving.  She is so different than Lucy and Sophie were as puppies.  She has slept through the night until I open her crate in the morning almost since the first night.  There were maybe 3 nights I got up and took her out in the middle of the night.  She loves her crate, she loves her Sister and she loves being right where we are.  And by that I mean right where we are ... the same spot!  She wants to be touching you.  She was potty trained very easily, maybe 5 accidents in the house and those were mostly on the rug at the back door.  She learns quickly, but is stubborn as well.  She loves a bath and will gladly jump up on the grooming table to be brushed.  Even if she just got brushed and it is Lucy's turn.  She is kissey, but not over kissey!  Her puppy zoomies are adorable.  We have been doing lots of socialization training and she is learning to sit to be petted.  We are doing lots of loose leash walking/heel training because I'm adament that she will never be put on a training collar (my biggest mistake with Lucy and Sophie).  We haven't started formal training classes yet, but are doing lots of training at home.  She doesn't need any fancy treats, as she loves Lucy's food so we just use that.  She is doing really well on her Come, down, wait, sit, shake, high five and a little roll over.  However, the hand signal for STAY generates the crazies.  I don't know what it is about it, but it just makes her instantly jump up and start acting silly.  We will have to work on that.  I'm not sure if she is so different because she isn't a litermate, because she has big Sister Lucy (and Honey) to guide her, or if we are just smarter because of all we learned during the first five years with Lucy and Sophie and all that we have learned here in DK.  I''m guessing it is a little to do with all of them.


Here we are a year later and just this morning we left her in the wonderful hands of Dr. Jenny to be spayed.  It will be a long day and I can't wait to pick her up in the morning.  I asked if there was any way I could get her tonight and got a big NO.  The clinic is right outside Dr. Jenny's back door, so I know that she is in good hands.  However, tomorrow can't come soon enough.  The house is very quiet. 

Becoming a Big Girl, 5 Months!

We Now Have a Doodle That Likes To Fetch!  (I hope I don't someday regret that).

Lucy is Happy!A Moment of Calm!

So, what a year.  We survived the hand that we were dealt!  We came out of it and have managed to make some wonderful new memories because of it!  Hopefully this next year is filled with lots of exciting happenings as well, just please let them end with all the current family members present and accounted for.

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Comment by Doris, Knox & Flash on September 4, 2013 at 9:06pm
I'm catching this a bit late, Sheri, but so glad I did! My eyes are full of tears as a read your highs and lows of the past year. I'm so glad that AnnaBelle has rounded out your family. I know she makes you smile, because Flash does every single day! Hugs to all of you! Your admirer from Texas...
Comment by Wendy and Myla on August 24, 2013 at 6:28am

I'm crying!  What a roller-coaster year you and Lucy have had!!!  I love the picture of Lucy smiling!  Honey was so lucky to have you as her stepping stone to recovery and forever home and I know that Sophie is Annabelle's guiding star! 

Comment by Robin and Libby Louise on August 19, 2013 at 2:23pm

Can't even imagine your sorrow over Sophie, but I totally believe she is a guiding light for AnnaBelle, and Lucy, too, so she is still part of your family.  Love all the photos of the Florida gang, and of course of Honey with your family.  You really made her new life possible.  Wishing you only good things in the coming years, with your babies and everything else!


Comment by DJ & Chance on August 19, 2013 at 10:46am

This is such a loving, wonderful blog with great photos.  Hugs for your adorable doodles.

Comment by Miss Ellie on August 18, 2013 at 5:42pm

What a sad & yet beautiful story that unfortunately is all to familiar to our story.  It is amazing though how these beautiful puppies come into our lives and bring so much joy.  It doesn't take away the pain of losing our first dog, but she is definitely starting to mend the huge hole in my heart.  Wishing you many, many beautiful & happy years with Lucy & Annabelle...sending Doodlekisses from Canada

Comment by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie on August 17, 2013 at 8:08pm

Thanks so much for the recap and update.  You have had an eventful year with both lows and highs.  I wish you the highs for a long time to come.

Comment by Christine & Shelby on August 16, 2013 at 7:56pm
Beautiful post.... Thanks for sharing. Wishing you, your family and the doodles very happy, healthy and fu years with lots and lots of happy memories!!!
Comment by Camilla and Darwin on August 15, 2013 at 10:13pm

I love this post, what a journey you have been on this past year. It was so happy, sad and overall just heartwarming to read, and I Iove hearing updates on Lucy and AnnaBelle. Wishing her a speedy recovery from her spay!

Comment by Bonnie and Kona on August 15, 2013 at 9:45pm

Sheri, This was such a beautiful story. It made me smile and cray. Thank you for recapping your year here for all of us. You have had the lowest and highest of doodle ownership. May you be blessed with long-lived and loved Lucy and Annabelle and lots of contact with Dan and Judy to keep up with your Honey-girl. I love all of the photos. Your girls are beauties! Hugs and doodlekisses for you and the pups.

Comment by Kris and Sawyer on August 15, 2013 at 7:00pm
Your story made me cry. What a great doodle mommy you are! Thanks for sharing.


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