Wilbur got neutered this past Thursday, and was pretty mopey until Saturday morning (evidently, me making him a bunch of chicken didn't really make up for me having his testicles removed!). We had a pretty normal weekend, with one exception...Wilbur figured out how to break out of the kitchen. To be fair, it is closed with french doors and a few good solid jumps will open it. Wilbs had just not attempted this previously. He's been such a good boy, that I really didn't fret over it too much. Part of me was a little bit happy that he's comfortable enough to test limits.

Fast forward to today...after work, I was taking the Wilbur and Callie on their walk and decided to make a pit stop at dog park in my community. I know that Wilbur isn't supposed to get crazy since he still has stitches, but he never really plays at any park. I'm pretty proud when he just wanders away to sniff, as that's a HUGE leap from where we were a month ago. So when we get to the park, a neighbor - Deborah - had her two dogs...Boomer a bassett mix and Emmet the goldendoodle (I keep BEGGING her to join DK, but no luck so far). Emmet isn't so big on playing, but Boomer and Callie are running buddies so they immediately took off. Wilbur went and did his business and then STARTED RUNNING WITH CALLIE AND BOOMER. WHAT?? This has never happened before and there have been many opportunities. Then, Callie and Wilbur actually started playing together, wrestling and nipping just like regular dogs. When a walker with a dog passed by, Wilbur went to the fence with Boomer and Emmet and BARKED. So, nearly four weeks later, I've just heard the Wilbs' voice.

Then, we walked back to the house (after greeting Bruiser the chihuahua, Brutus the yorkie, and Maisy the yellow lab), I fed them their dinner (and they promptly switched bowls, as usual). I made my dinner and put it on the coffee table (yes, I was being bad and eating dinner in front of the TV). I now realize how spoiled I am by Callie...since Callie is total velcro to me, she usually walks from room to room with me. Wilbur doesn't and used this as an opportunity to eat my dinner (well, he ate the balsalmic glazed tilapia and sweet potato...he wasn't terribly interested in the broccoli). I couldn't have been out of the room more than 40 seconds (however long it takes to fill a glass up with water).

After dinner, I came upstairs to work on the computer. My guest room doubles as an office, so while I was working, the dogs were playing, wrestling, and land-shark biting each other non-stop. Again - this just has NEVER happened!

I hope that none of this comes out as a complaint - I'm SO very happy to see Wilbur's personality coming out - I just thought it would come out gradually, and not in the space of one evening!

(oh, and I totally took Wilbur eating my healthy dinner as a "sign" and went and got some pizza instead!)

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  • Wilbs is so cool. I'm so happy for you to get to see him blossom.
  • He definitely is ready for adopting. He is just so grateful to you that he did not want you to eat that 'healthy' junk when pizza is available.
  • Wilbur has great taste in when he decided to eat something he wasn't supposed to. He was waiting for the right meal Lol
  • Unbelievable! He must trust you so much. You must feel so good about what you are doing.
  • Lorraine - I want pie for breakfast too! Nina - you don't have to cook dinner because chances are all of your pants fit! The winter coat has been sloooow in coming off of me! Wilbur has a really DEEP bark! It was absolutely startling. He's such a sweet boy! The reality is finally setting in that he will be living some place else in the near future (probably within the next two weeks - IDOG has some applicants lined up) and I feel a little weird about it. Thank you all so much for all of your advice and encouragement. Each of you has helped me help Wilbur.
  • I remember when Neely started to bark. He sounds like he is ready to eat you! Now he thinks this is something he must do to everyone passing by our house and coming into our yard. It scares the bejibbers out of most people. With his tail wagging 90 miles and hour it just looks like he's excited your going to be his next meal not that he is just happy to say hello! With us having an electric fence and no visable barrier and Neely "saying hello" walking toward you! Imagine what passers by think!
    Neely has been snuggling with me on my bed this morning as I had left over lemon merengue pie for breakfast and he started playing with my feet and slowly he played his way to the edge of the pie plate! Where he laid with his nose just barely touching the rim. He dipped in for a little left over crust so quick if I hadn't been expecting it I never would have seen it. I feel used, he only played with me to get my pie!! Smart little guys aren't they. TOO cute for words though. Enjoy.
  • Frannie, would you come to my house and cook dinner. I have a hard time cooking for 2 and then read the wonderful dinner you made for 1. Now I feel guilty. Guess I am going to have to dust off the cooking tools and make dinner for DH tonight.

    This is great news about Wilbur. I am so glad he is coming out of his shell. So what does Wilbur's bark sound like? I heard a strange dog barking in my backyard last evening and discovered Brogan barking with the beagles at a squirrel in a tree. It was the first time he has barked; it is a deep 'big dog' bark.
  • I just love hearing about him, it makes me happy! Keep up the good work.=)
  • I think that is awesome!!! Way to go Wilbur!
  • It's like us when we're guests in someone's house....always on our "best behavior", and not totally comfortable. It sounds like Wilbur is now feeling right at home, and he is free to be himself. I think that's a huge breakthrough...you and Callie have done a great job with him. Now you're starting to see the fun, playful side of this great Doodle. Keep these "happy stories" coming....
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