Can you tell who we are? One of us was a DK calendar star...Well, here we are just before we went swimming, meeting for the very first time, with our moms:

And back at the ranch, after drying off a bit:

Jackdoodle and Halas met yesterday at The Paw Pad Doodle Romp in Lake Forest, IL!!! We had a ball! Jackdoodle is now an honorary Paw Pad doodle, and may we say this is one of the nicest groups of doodle people anyone could ever want to meet! You know who else we met there?

Comiskey, Beemer, and their Mom Penny!!! We all swam together and took a walk. It was the best day ever! We all got along great, and so did our moms....they felt like they already knew each other from spending so much time on the computer, and there were lots of other DK doodles there too!If anyone has other photos from the romp, please feel free to post them here! The Paw Pad Doodle Romp Rocked!!!!
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  • Here's another one of Jackdoodle and Halas swimming.

  • They look like they had a blast. I wish they did doodle romps in my area! The population is too small and spread around without having people require extensive travel. I am going on holidays for a month this summer and may send Abby to a summer camp type thing for dogs for 2 will cost $ but she will have a blast I am sure - she loves to frolick with other dogs!....and that way I can holiday in the heat in peace without worrying about her.
  • I know some of those wet doodles. I can tell the top photo is Jack, because there's a ball in his mouth. And the scrawny, wet dood in the 2nd photo lives with me. It's so funny how different they look when they're wet. The romp was a blast! Halas is still tired. We loved the whole day, but I think the swimming might have been Halas' favorite part. I took several movies of the swimming, but I screwed most of them up, so I think there's only one good one. I got a lot of pics, so I'll get some of those posted Monday or Tuesday. Christine usually posts a bunch on her website, too. It was great to meet Karen and Penny, and so many other doodles and parents from DK. Halas even got to meet one of his brothers (Barley). He's from a younger litter, not Halas' litter, but there's definitely a resemblance.
  • I hope I get to meet some DK members someday. Looks like a great time. What could be better than wet muddy doodles.
  • Looks like you ALL had a wonderful day, both Doodle and their Moms. That is fantastic!
    I know how you all felt to finally meet face to face. On our drive to FL we had a romp at Belinda's and met so many wonderful GRAD members. And then we meet so many wonderful Doodles in Florida. There is something just lovely about Doodle Families - they are JUST NICE!
  • Nothing like a wet doodle! Love the pictures! It must have been great to meet fellow online friends and dogs! .They are all gorgeous and days like this must be so much fun for them-and their owners.Thks for sharing the pic's-wish we could have been there.
  • Karen,it looks like you all had so much fun.What good looking doodles.
  • How fun Karen!!! It's always so exciting to meet friends you've known online for some time. I could really imagine Halas' size now that I've seen him next to Jack! So cool to see Jack out romping and swimming too =)
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