Hey, guys, it's November, my favorite month of the year! Let me tell you why!

I was not having the best summer to begin with.  First, my mom signed me up for some kind of crazy classes where I had to keep walking around a big room in circles making turns for no reason, and stand still while a strange lady threw things on the floor or looked at my teeth and my feet. It made no sense, but I guess I did a good job, because my mom got a paper saying that I am a good citizen (like she didn't already know that!) and she was very happy.

And then, my mom started taking pictures of me for a calendar! I kept having to sit still in front of flowers and look at her while she took pictures! This also made no sense, because my mom did not seem to be having a good time and she would get mad later when she looked at the pictures on the computer, but she kept making me do it.

And between the classes and the pictures, I had to get brushed all the time! Just to do things I didn't want to do in the first place! I was NOT a good sport about it:




And if all that wasn't bad enough, then came the worst part of every year; the ragweed season! It was really, really bad this year! I felt just awful! I was itching so bad, I had to get a bath every week and a shot every week, and extra pills, and for the first time in three years, I had to take medicine that made me tired and thirsty. We didn't get to enjoy the nice fall weather in September and October, and my mom was very sad. Me, too.

(October is a terrible month anyway, because of Halloween, when the humans try to humiliate us by dressing us up like fools and then posting pictures so everyone can laugh at us, and there are scary things in people's yards, and then even scarier humans with masks on keep ringing the doorbell and getting treats that you can't have. I hope you all survived it okay!)

BUT- this year, something else happened that made me really mad!

My mom got all excited about a package that came in the mail. I thought it might be something for me, but it was for my mom. And you know what it was? Magnets with pictures of Fudge and Vern on them!

Now, I like Fudge and Vern, and I feel really sorry for them because their mom really likes to make fools of them all the time by dressing them up like bugs and fruit and things for all the Doodle Kissers to laugh about.

But for years, I have had to look at pictures of other doodles on the wall in the kitchen and the office where my mom keeps her calenders, and now there are pictures of other doodles on MY refrigerator, and none of me! LOOK!

3356551876?profile=originalI ask you, is this fair??????


But now it's November, and things are MUCH better! For one thing, the ragweed is gone and I'm not so uncomfortable, and I don't have to get a bath every week any more! And I only have to have a shot every other week now, and I don't have to take extra pills anymore either!

And guess what? I am finally going to be in a calendar! My mom sent Adina some pictures of me, and two were chosen for the Lotsa Doodles calendar, so pretty soon, MY picture is going to be hanging on the wall in the kitchen and the office!!!

And my birthday is in November! I always get the best dinner for my birthday, and my mom plays ball with me for a real long time, and we usually go somewhere special, too!

Also, there's a holiday in November called Thanksgiving, and it's really a special day. They cook really good food, and I always get some turkey, (yum!), and there are no silly costumes! It's just a happy day where you relax and eat and give thanks for all of your blessings.

This year, when Mom and I give thanks for our blessings, we will be including all of our good friends here on DK.

And that's why I LOVE NOVEMBER!  







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  • Thanks, Bonnie!

  • I have already peaked at your photos Jackdoodle and you are so very handsome in both of them. I'm sure it was worth the grooming.

  • Happy Thanskgiving to you too, Sydney & Olivia! I hope you get lots of turkey!

  • Too funny!  Enjoyed reading about your summer and fall and glad you are feeling better  We have been having a tough time over the last few months too!  We can't bark in our house any more since our Grandma is staying with us and she has Parkinson's and doesn't like noise.  We don't know why our Mommies keep yelling at us.  But every morning we get to take a very long walk in the park.  Our Mommies say it's their destressing time.  But, it's our time to meet all of our Doggie friends.  We all wish we could stay in the park all day long!  Karen and Jack, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Thanks, Amy!

  • Thanks, Anna! Mom and I hope you and Achilles are feeling fine, too!

  • Glad to hear you are feeling better JD!!! Happy November.

  • Thanks, Leslie! Tell Halas hi for me!

  • I agree, JD. November is pretty great. And I'm so excited that you're in a calendar! I just placed my order.
  • Thanks, Mimi!

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