Wild and Crazy Girl

Well, I think I finally figured out how to post correctly.  Our 5-year-old doodle girl has always been extremely active.  She likes to run and play in the yard or at the park inside the tennis courts. She is pretty well trained, sit, stay, wait, on your bed, etc.  When I am home with her she is perfect.  However, as soon as the doorbell rings all "H" breaks loose.  I have tried controlling the door, but it just doesn't seem to work.  It's to the point where when my family comes over I have to put her inside the office with a gate away from everyone.  She is a big girl and I am afraid she will knock my grandkids on the floor and hurt them.  They so want to play with her but I just do not trust her to be gentle.  When she gets excited and jumps up shell put her mouth over your hand almost like she's going to bit you, but never does.  That would frighten the kids for sure.  I was wondering if anyone can recommend a trainer in the Henderson area that could help with this.  It's always been just me and my husband.  We don't get many visitors that I can practice the sit and wait thing at the door.  My kids are afraid to just walk in with the grandkids because of her excitement.  She does, however, let my adult children into the house to take care of her while I am away.  They, of course, are not afraid of her but she will aggressively jump all over them and run all around the house when they come in.  They immediately escort her to the back yard for fear she will pee in the house from excitement.  She will go crazy out back then settle down once they come in it's crazy.  I just want to get to the point where I can open the front door and let someone in without first escorting my crazy girl into the office. We love her and just want her to be part of the extended family.3541315347?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • I know some doodle owners in Henderson who are not only experienced dog owners, but have used trainers. I will send a link for this discussion.
  • I’ll be watching for answers. My 4 1/2 year doodle is the same she is 37 lbs so not as big as yours.
  • Thank You so much for taking the time to respond. Yes, she will stay put when asked. Every morning when we come into the front door she stays put until I go into the kitchen to get the wipes for her feet, same with the back yard door. She will stay upstairs while I mop or vacuum the downstairs floors. I will, however, try to challenge her a bit more. Those two ideas are very common to her and she knows as soon as I wipe her feet she good to go. So I get it. Thanks
  • I found the videos! Here you go: https://doodlekisses.com/groups/trainingmindsets/forum/how-rosco-le...
    How Rosco Learned to Stay and Sit Stay for Greetings
    Disclaimers: --  Although I love discussing training and believe I have a good grasp of principles for a lay person, I'm not a trainer and have yet t…
  • Henderson, Nevada? I believe there are Nevada folks in here, possibly a Nevada group in the group section. With all commands dogs have to gradually get challenged with harder distractions. So she might sit and stay with you at home, but will she hold a stay for 3 minutes? Will she hold a stay while you dance in front of her? If you roll a ball or drop some food, will she hold a stay? Can you leave the room for 1 minute and return and find her holding her stay? These are all examples of ways to challenge her before you introduce someone at the door because that is a HUGE jump in challenge level.

    I have a video here SOMEWHERE...I'll go look for it.
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