Wilson and the cone of shame

Baby Wilson was neutered today...hard to believe he will be six months old next week.

I waited until this morning to tell him where he was going today as I didn't want him to worry his little doodle head about it.  So I woke up early and told him all about what would happen today and all he wanted to know was why he didn't get to eat breakfast.

On the way to the vet I realized this would be the first time I had ever taken Wilson anywhere and left I worried about it all day.  They said he got lots of love and attention and did just fine.

He cried on the way home.  CRIED...not a whine, or a whimper or a bark but a cry....and so I cried too.

He ate dinner and went potty and is now sound asleep on my lap.

Can't believe my little doodle baby is growing up.3356553573?profile=original3356553885?profile=original

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  • Nope...been 3 days and he will not leave the incision alone.  I have tried to take his cone off but he won't leave it alone.  I don't think it hurts...he acts like it itches.  Murph only wore his cone for maybe 2 days.

  • Awww...poor little guy! Sounds like the vet needed to be more forthcoming with the pain meds!!! How is your baby doing today?  Maybe he won't need the cone. Tara didn't pay any attention to her could happen!

  • awww what a sweet doodle boy! I hope he is up and running before the holidays! Wouldn't want his first Christmas to be filled with the cone of shame! He's still super cute though...even with his cone!

  • Oh, darling Wilson. Crying. so so sad. boo. He may be looking pitiful from the anesthesia (and the cone of shame, of course). It feels confusing. 

  • Poor Wilson, the thoughts of him crying are upsetting. I'm sure he will be all better soon so love and hugs to the Coned One.

  • Those cones do make them look so pathetic. I bet his lost parts will be a distant memory in a couple of days!

  • Feel better soon, Wilson!

    Poor guy looks so pitiful, but I think he'll be back to normal very soon!

  • Wilson-I hope you are back to feeling good soon! Be a good boy and just deal with the cone and rest! You are adorable!

  • Ohhhhh....poor Wilson.....his cries must have left you heartbroken.   Hope the little guy is feeling better today.

  • awwwwwwww!!!!!! Wilson, you're adorable! Lola's a cry-er as well, I know how that couldn't feel more helpless. Hope he's feeling better today!

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