WonderDog's Surgery

Just got a call from the vet.  Penny came through surgery (to remove the mast cell tumor) with flying colors.  I go to pick her up in about an hour.  Final biopsy results will be in sometime next week.  Then, we'll know whether or not she has to go through chemo.


Time to go out and buy some new T-shirts for my baby, to protect those stitches.  I don't know HOW I'm going to keep her and Biscuit from conducting their regularly-schedule wrestling smackdowns!


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who sent best wishes and prayers - so far, it's working!


Love all my DK buds...



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  • Michelle:

    Thanks for your comment on Rusty; we are sorry to hear about Penny's cancer diagnosis.  I have not been on the site much lately and I am not keeping current, thanks for letting me know.  Were was the tumor located?  We hope that your Oncologist is as great as Rusty's (after 16 months Rusty starts getting excited when we are a block from Dr. Macy's office and charges for the office door when we get out of our SUV); I would be interested in the type of Chemo Penny is receiving.  I know that each type of cancer is treated differently, but level 3's (which was also Rusty's) don't give us a lot of options.  Keep us posted on how things are going and we will add you to the positive thoughts wall. Rusty will send out extra kisses!

    Chuck & Rusty

  • I hope you get good news regarding the biopsy!  Feel better soon, Penny!
  • Hoping for a fast recovery and good news!
  • Glad the surgery went well...let's hope it's not cancer!  Get well soon WonderDog!
  • Sending love and prayers!!
  • So glad to hear Pennys Surgery went good.  I hope she is feeling good this morning.

    Wishing for good results on the Biopsy!!

  • Glad to hear she did well during surgery. Keep us posted on the results of the biopsy
  • So glad Penny came through OK and pray for good results from the biopsy.
  • Glad to hear all went well.  Paws crossed here for nothing but good news.
  • Get well soon, Wonderdog.  We love you.

    Ned and Clancy

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